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ADI Hydraulic Pruning Tools

WesSpur sells several models of hydraulic tools manufactured by ADI. These tools have been designed to be tough, light weight, and combine long reach with compact design. Several electric insulated models are also available. The ADI tools utilize a patented, pressure balanced hydraulic spool system. This feature in itself provides many advantages:

The spool system eliminates heat generation within the tool. Other tools on the market generate enough heat during operation that the operator must wear heavy gloves to keep from being burnt.

The hydraulic oil seals used to seal the spool system are exposed only to the return or low-pressure side of the hydraulic system. This extends the life of the seals and lessons the chance of oil leaks.

The simplicity of the spool system eliminates the need for many moving parts.

Hydraulic hose connections for the tools are housed inside the handle of the tool. This provides better protection for the hose connections while also protecting the operator in case of a high-pressure leak.

ADI tools can be easily converted to operate on an open center or closed center hydraulic system. The ADI tools are the lightest tools on the market lessoning the chance of operator injury or muscle strain.

ADI tools are the best hydraulic tree tools we could find to meet the needs of arborism, landscaping, and line clearance.

Hyrdaulic Tools
Hydraulic Chain Saws

The ADI hydraulic Chain Saw is tough and lightweight, and has a 12” Oregon bar and electric-insulated handle. This tool is powerful, cost-effective, and loaded with features.

View Hydraulic Chain Saws

Hyrdaulic Tools
Hydraulic Circular Saws

The ADI hydraulic Circular Saw is features the same great construction as the Chain Saw and is loaded with features. Lightweight, tough, and electric-insulated.

View Hydraulic Circular Saws

Hyrdaulic Tools

Hydraulic Loppers

The ADI hydraulic loppers are great pruning tools available in several sizes and with three interchangeable heads. Insulated and non-insulated models available.

View Hydraulic Loppers

Hyrdaulic Tools

Hydraulic Hoses

Here you will find everything to connect your ADI tool to your own hydraulic system or pick up the ADI portable power unit. Tools, hoses, and swivels, both conductive and non-conductive.

View Hydraulic Supplies

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