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Rope and Cable Pullers

WesSpur stocks rope pullers, winches, and cable pullers. We have the very popular Continuous Rope Puller which works with 3 Strand rope to provide unlimited reach. The rope puller is available on its own, or with a sling and 150’ of Pro-Master as a rope puller kit. The More Power Puller is an incredible machine made of cast-iron.

Portable Winch PCW-5000 - 2,220 lb Pulling Force


The Original Portable Winch is perfect for skidding long, pulling down hung-up trees, vehicle retrieval, and more. Powered by Honda's 4-stroke GXH-50cc engine, and weighing only 35 lb, it provides 2,200 lb of pulling power. In addition, you benefit from two speed options with interchangeable capstan drums. If you go for POWER, use the included 57 mm drum pulling at 39 feet per minute. If your application requires more SPEED, select the optional 85 mm drum* pulling at 59 feet per minute!

The Portable Winch can be used with any length of 1/2” low-stretch double-braid rope (we recommend Samson Stable Braid 1/2”.) Tie or hook the rope to the object to be moved and wound it three (or four) times around the capstan drum. Turn the engine on, and the friction created by pulling on the rope pulls the object towards the winch.

*Note: One (1) anchor polyester sling 60 mm x 2 m is always included with every winch. Accessories and optional 85mm drum are available below.

Portable Winch PCW-3000 - 1,500 lb Pulling Force

Winch Unit
rig229 Special Order Item
Molded Case
Pack Frame

The PCW-3000 is a special-order item. If out of stock, please allow an extra 5-7 days for delivery.

The PCW-3000 brings heavy pulling power to a much more compact, easy-to-transport Portable Winch unit. This unit weighs only 20 lb, but can move 1,500 lb Gas-powered for pulling power anywhere you go. The aluminum capstan works with any length of rope, and works best with 1/2" double-braid construction ropes. Powered by a Honda 35cc 4-stroke engine. Like the original PCW-5000 (shown above), this unit can be anchored to a tree or stump with the included sling, or

You can also increase the ease of transporting this unit with the sturdy custom molded carry case and lightweight backpack carrier/pack frame (each sold separately). The pack frame allows you to carry the unit carry case on your back like a backpack. Perfect for remote job sites, hunting, ATV users, and more.

Rope and Cable Pullers

Continuous Rope Puller


Works best with Pro-Master 1/2” 3-strand rope. Feed the rope into the puller and the drum grips the rope allowing for unlimited travel. Ratchet dogs allow for controlled tension release or free spin of drum. 1,500 lb. capacity with a 10:1 leverage advantage.

Rope puller replacement parts available at bottom of page.

Rope and Cable Pullers

Rope Puller Kit


Move your load with our rope puller kit. Comes with the Continuous Rope puller described above, a .8” x 6’ endless loop sling (4,240 lb. choker WLL) and 150’of Samson Pro-Master 1/2” 3-strand line. This line is grips better with the puller and the 6’ sling gives you plenty of length to anchor to a variety of objects.

Rope and Cable Pullers

Other Rope Puller Kits

Kit with 120’ Rope
Kit with 200’ Rope
Kit with 600’ Rope*

Our very popular Rope Puller Kit above is now available with different lengths of rope, from 120’ all the way up to a full reel (600’)!

*Reels of rope are oversized items, and excluded from free shipping. A $25 shipping fee will be added for each reel of rope.

3-Ton More Power Puller

3- Ton More Power Puller

3-Ton Puller
Replacement Handle
18" Safety Handle Extension

If the 2-Ton More Power Puller doesn't pack enough punch for you, then check out this cast-iron monster. Comes pre-spooled with 35’ of 5/16” AmSteel-Blue cable-replacing rope with a hook spliced on. Features an updated steel reel and grease holes. This is the best puller in the business. With solid cast-iron construction this puller will last for generations.

Features: 3 ton capacity (dead lift rating), 23 lb. of solid iron construction, AmSteel-Blue is easier to work with, Easily field repairable.

Two year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Made in the U.S.A.

Rope and Cable Pullers

Maasdam 2-ton Pow'r-Pull Cable Puller


Tempered steel frame and handle and aluminum alloy ratchet wheel makes this two-ton puller a lightweight and inexpensive alternative. Supplied with 12’ of 3/16” aircraft cable and backed by manufacturer’s lifetime warranty. Made in the U.S.A.

Replacement cable available below.

Rope Puller Repair Kit

Rope Puller Repair Kit


Includes ratchet wheel, frame assembly, guide, and guide spacer.

Rope and Cable Pullers

12’ Replacement Cable for Maasdam Cable Puller


12’ replacement cable for Maasdam Pow'r-Pull cable puller.

Hooks with Safety Latch

Hooks with Safety Latch

3/4 Ton Hook
1 1/2 Ton Hook

Cast eye-hooks with safety latches, available in 2 sizes. Made in China.

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