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Arborist Lowering Devices

Using a friction management device to lower limbs or trunk wood extends the life of your rigging ropes, protects the tree, and allows for safer, more efficient removal of wood.

GRCS - the Good Rigging Control System Good Rigging Control System

The ultimate lifting/lowering device; rope brake + handled winch.

Micro-Cylindre 2.0 by FTC Micro-Cylindre HR 2.0 by FTC

A light, compact lowering device. A smaller version of the Mini-Cylindre.

Mini-Cylindre 2.1 by FTC Mini-Cylindre HR 2.1 by FTC

Aluminum lowering device for limbs and trunk wood.

Negative Blocking Kits Negative Block Kits

Complete rigging kits with built-in discount.

Port-a-Wrap III lowering device Port-a-Wrap III

The Original Port-a-Wrap is still made in the U.S.A. by Buckingham.

Stein RC Device RC Lowering Devices by Stein

Both floating and tree-mounted friction brakes.

Rigging Rope Wrench Rigging Rope Wrench

Rigging Rope Wrench allows lowering a rigging load

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