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Stein Lowering Devices

Stein lowering devices are available in 3 sizes to fit up to the burliest tree jobs. A unique feature to Stein lowering devices is the upper eye to attach a second sling to keep the unit upright even when the rigging line is not under tension. The largest of the devices we sell, the RCW-3001 is now available with an add-on winch unit, making it possible to use the device to raise loads as well as lower them.

RCW-3001 Lowering Device

RCW-3001 Lowering Device

Lowering Unit
Winch Unit

A great tool for lowering heavy loads in a controlled fashion with an impressive 6,614 lb. Working Load Limit and 3/4" rope capacity. The device can still be easily mounted by a single person utilizing the top attachment point as a suspension point and anchoring to the tree using the 19' ratcheting strap and then secured with a choked sling at the base anchor point. (Slings sold separately .) Large-diameter rope drum accommodates rigging ropes up to 3/4" and features two sets of rope guide bars at 45 degree angles. Works best in conjunction with the Stein pre-tensioning pulley (sold separately).

And add-on winch is now available, which fits into the mounting bracket on top of the RCW-3001, and allows the user to advance the line by attaching a prusik to the rigging line. This provides some lift, and if more travel is needed, the rigging line can be locked off, the prusik advanced, and the process repeated. Maximum rated capacity of 681kg on a 5.4:1 gear ratio. The load is supported on the bollard as the winch is attached to the lowering line independently through a friction hitch and winch line. This allows the load to be fully supported on the bollard and not the winch. Once the load has been winched to its desired position, the full weight may be transferred to the main rigging line, by reversing the winch and separating the two lines. The automatic load-actuated brake ensures the load remains suspended if the crank handle is released and avoids an unchecked descent; the load however should always be backed up on the bollard during any lifting operation.

Video overview of the RCW-3001 on YouTube by Reg Coates.

Stein RC-1000 Lowering Device

Stein RC-1000 Lowering Device

RC-1000 Unit

Stein lowering device provides smooth and evenly applied friction. Working ropes can easily be wrapped and unwrapped without removing the RC Device from either its main anchor point or the top attachment point. Large eye on attachment for choking a sling. Attachment point on top can be used to support the device while fixing the base anchor point securely, and when used in this configuration slack line can be drawn from the system which reduces device free fall. Works with rigging lines up to 9/16”, with a Working Load Limit of 2,205 lb. Can be used with the RC-3100 pre-tension pulley sold below. Instructions included.

Manufacturer instructions are available as a PDF file here. RC-1000 & RC-2000 Instructions

Working Load Limit 1,000 kg (2,205 lb)• Maximum Rope Size 14mm (9/16”) • Weighs 3.6kg (7.9lb) • Barrel Diameter 61mm (2 3/8”) • Length 245mm (9 5/8”) • Width 120mm (4 3/4”) • Height 300mm (11 3/4”) • Zinc Plated

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Stein RC-2000 Lowering Device

Stein RC-2000 Lowering Device

RC-2000 Unit

This larger version of the RC series floating lowering device increases the Working Load Limit of the unit to 4,000 lb, and the rope diameter it can handle up to 5/8”, for larger tree rigging jobs. Instructions included.

Manufacturer instructions are available as a PDF file here. RC-2000 & RC-2000 Instructions

Working Load Limit 2,000 kg (4,409 lb)• Maximum Rope Size 16mm (5/8”) • Weighs 6.2kg (13.6lb) • Barrel Diameter 76mm (3”) • Length 285mm (11 1/4”) • Width 150mm (5 9/10”) • Height 370mm (14 1/2”) • Zinc Plated

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Stein Pre-tensioning Pulley

Stein Pre-Tension Pulley

Pre-Tension Pulley

Use the Stein Pre-Tension pulley with one of the lowering devices above to create a 3:1 tensioning system which can easily be loaded, tensioned, and removed single handedly. Attach a prusik to the main rigging line, attach the pulley to the prusik, and place a couple of wraps around the lowering device then loop up to the pulley.

Working Load Limit (WLL)150kg (330lbs)• Maximum Rope Size 19mm (3/4”) - Weighs 650g (1.4lbs)

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