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Arborist Climbing Rope

When you're in the tree, your life depends on your climbing rope. Our arborist climbing ropes meet the ANSI safety standards for arboriculture. All of our ropes are available by the foot, so you can order custom lengths.

Never climb on a line that has been used for rigging!

SRS Tree Climbing Ropes SRS Climbing Ropes

Ropes for Stationary Rope Systems (SRS - formerly know as SRT.)

Includes Kernmaster, HTP, Mercury, and more...

24-strand Tree Climbing Ropes 24-Strand Climbing Ropes

Modern climbing ropes for Moving Rope Systems (MRS).

Includes Voyager, Bluemoon, Tachyon, and more...

16-strand Tree Climbing Ropes 16-Strand Climbing Ropes

16-strand climbing ropes are strong, durable, and popular for more traditional climbing styles in MRS.

Includes ArborMaster, Safety Blue, Gecko and more...

12-strand Tree Climbing Ropes 12-Strand Climbing Ropes

Older-style of climbing rope, still popular with some climbers for handling and knotability.

Includes ArborPlex, Buzzline, and True Blue.

ropes by brand Climbing ropes by brand

Arborist Climbing Ropes by brand. We only carry ropes you can trust.

Samson ArborMaster® Arborist Climbing Rope ArborMaster® Rope

12mm, 16-strand Samson rope available in 4 colors.

Arbor-Plex Climbing Rope Arbor-Plex

12mm, 12-strand, durable & affordable climbing line from Samson.

Ascender Climbing Rope Ascender

12mm, 16-strand Samson Rope.

Bifrost Arborist Climbing Rope Bifrost

11mm, all-polyester version of Kernmaster in stunning color pattern.

Blaze Climbing Rope Blaze

11mm, 24-strand, lightweight double-braid climbing line.

BlueMoon Climbing Rope BlueMoon

11.7mm, 24-strand double-braid from Yale that runs well in hardware.

Buzzz Line Climbing Rope Buzzz Line

12mm, 12-strand, very pliable 1/2” line form Yale with excellent visibility.

Control Climbing Rope CONTROL

12.5mm, Kernmantle from Petzl ideal for Zigzag.

Element Climbing Rope Element

12.8mm, 16-strand by Sterling available in 2 colors for easy ID.

ECW Camo Climbing Rope ECW Camo

11mm, 24-strand by Everson Cordage Works is a low-profile rope for hunters.

The Fly Climbing Rope Fly & Dragonfly

11mm, Kernmantle from Teufelberger ideal for use in hardware.

FLOW Climbing Rope FLOW

11.6mm, Kernmantle from Petzl ideal for Zigzag.

HyperClimb Climbing Rope HyperClimb

11.7mm, 24-strand MRS/SRS climbing rope from Samson.

HyperStatic Climbing Rope HyperStatic

11.3mm, tough kernmantle climbing rope from Samson.

Sterling HTP Static Climbing Rope HTP Static

10mm & 11mm Sterling Kernmantle is high-strength and low-stretch.

Imori Climbing Rope Imori

12mm, 24-strand Yale line designed to be easy to grip & ergonomic.


11mm, kernmantle Teufelberger line is an excellent static access line.

Samson Static Kernmantle Climbing Rope Kernmaster

11mm, kernmantle from Yale performs well in all systems.

Mercury SRS climbing Rope by Samson Mercury 11mm

11mm kernmantle from Samson with firm body.

Petzl Parallel Line Parallel 10.5mm

10.5mm, kernmantle access line from Petzl.

Performance 11mm Climbing Rope Performance 11mm

11mm, kernmantle Edelrid line is light, strong, and handles great.

Phantom Arborist Climbing Rope Phantom

11mm, all-polyester version of Kernmaster green and purple.

Phantom Arborist Climbing Rope Phantom Pink

11mm, all-polyester version of Kernmaster in pink.

Platinum Arborist Climbing Rope Platinum

10.5mm, kernmantle Teufelberger line. Premium rope for SRT climbing.

Predator Arborist Climbing Rope Predator

11.4mm, 24-strand Samson climb line in the best camo pattern available.

Safety Blue Arborist Climbing Rope Safety Blue (3 colors)

12mm, 16-strand rope by Teufelberger with built-in safety core.

Scion Arborist Climbing Rope Scion

11.5, 24-strand Sterling line works well in all climbing systems.

Scandere Arborist Climbing Rope Scandere

11.8mm, 48-strand Yale climb line is built for new climbing methods.

Samson Static Kernmantle Climbing Rope Static Kernmantle

4 diameters, kernmantle Samson line for access, rappelling, and rescue.

Tachyon Climbing Rope Tachyon

11mm, 24-strand Teufelberger climbing line available in 3 colors.

V24 11mm Climbing Rope V24 11mm

11mm, next-gen 24-strand climbing rope from Samson.

V24 12mm Climbing Rope V24 12mm

12mm, next-gen 24-strand climbing rope from Samson.

Samson Velocity Climbing Rope Velocity

11mm, 24-strand Samson line is very light, premium, V-series rope.

Samson Vortex Climbing Rope Vortex

12.7mm, 24-strand Samson V-series rope is light, strong, but full-bodied.

Samson Voyager Climbing Rope Voyager

11.8mm, 24-strand Samson V-series rope built for new climbing gear.

Samson WorkPro 11mm Climbing Rope WorkPro 11mm

11mm, kernmantle by Sterling with Nylon core.

Samson WorkPro 12.5mm Climbing Rope WorkPro 12.5mm

12.5mm, kernmantle by Sterling with Nylon core.

Xstatic SRT line Xstatic SRT line

11.7mm, kernmantle by Teufelberger with Nylon core.

XTC 16-Strand Climbing Ropes XTC 16 Strand

12mm, 16-strand Yale line stays round and firm under load.

Iron Street Rope Splicing Iron Street Rope Splicing

Professional rope splicing service available through WesSpur.

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