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Rigging Ropes from Samson

Samson Ropes has over 100 years of experience making ropes for the most demanding jobs. Samson leads the tree industry with rigging ropes like Stable Braid and Nystron. When you are rigging heavy wood, trust your job to Samson rigging ropes.

Samson AmSteel-Blue AmSteel-Blue

Cable-replacing rope for chipper winch lines.

Arbor-Plex Rigging Rope Arbor-Plex

A durable 12-strand rope great for tag lines or natural crotch rigging. Available as a climbing line.

Samson Nystron Nystron

Premium double-braid rope with more added stretch and energy absorption.

Samson Pro-Master Rope Pro-Master

Super affordable, soft-lay 3-strand rigging rope. Good for taglines, pulling, and easy to splice.

Samson Stable Braid Rigging Rope Stable Braid

Our best-selling rigging lines. High-strength, low-stretch, and works great with arborist blocks and lowering devices.

Samson Tenex Single Carrier Tenex Single Carrier

Easily-spliced 12-strand rope most commonly used for arborist winch lines.

Samson Tenex Tec Tenex TEC

The perfect rope for splicing tree rigging slings.

Samson Tree Master Tree Master

3-strand rope with maximum toughness and strength. Good for tag lines and natural crotch rigging.

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