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Buckingham Deluxe Traverse

Deluxe Traverse Saddle view 1 Deluxe Traverse Saddle view 3 Deluxe Traverse Saddle view 4 Deluxe Traverse Saddle view 5 Deluxe Traverse Saddle view 5 Deluxe Traverse Saddle view 5
Tree Gear Product Image Buckingham Deluxe Traverse Saddle

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Small- SAD111S
Special Order Item
Medium - SAD111M
Special Order Item
Large - SAD111L
Special Order Item
Special Order Item

Features two floating Dee rings with 16” of lateral movement. The sit sling is 4” wide with a stiff batten for stability. 8» wide, nylon laminated waist belt with two each side accessory loops and clips. Durable Nybuck bridge and two sliding Ds make this great for varied climbing styles. Adjusts across the front of the waist belt and each leg strap. Grommeted tongue buckle is standard. Improved with extra padding, quick-connect leg buckles, and Drilex lining. Weighs approximately 7 lb.

Please note: all Deluxe series saddles are Special Order items and are ordered from the manufacturer after your order is placed. We are currently experiencing long lead times.


Saddle Sizing

  • Small: 28-32”
  • Medium: 32-36”
  • Large: 36-40”
  • XL: 40-44”


The Deluxe Series of Buckingham saddles are improvements over the already popular classic series. Every deluxe saddle features improved padding and Drilex lining, to keep you comfortable while working. The balance point on Buckingham Deluxe saddles is also customizable; by adjusting the straps the batten seat's position can be customized to your preference.

The Buckingham Deluxe Traverse saddle lets you sit in comfort on the batten seat but also gives you lots of freedom of motion with the floating Ds The new webbing bridge on the Deluxe Traverse is lighter and less bulky than the Nybuck bridge it replaced, and allows easier travel of the dee rings. As in all Deluxe Series saddles with a batten seat, the position of the seat is very customizable, and the overall design of the saddle has been tweaked for comfort.

  • Grommeted belt
  • Stiff batten seat
  • Padded straps retain the seat
  • Improved padding in back support
  • Drilex lining
  • Large Dee Rings
  • Two floating Ds on webbing bridge
  • Three gear loops on back
  • Brass snap and ring on each side
  • Medium saddle weighs approximately 6lb.

ANSI Z133-2017

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has released the ANSI Z133 safety requirements which apply to arboricultural operations.

The Deluxe Traverse item is ANSI compliant.

The full ANSI Z133 safety requirements are available on our tree care standards page.

Customer Reviews

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Rated: Excellent Review by: Danny - from SSTS

“I bought this harness recently and it is fantastic all around. My previous harness was an old ArborMaster, which was good but lacked comfort compared to the Deluxe Traverse. Great for long climbs where you may have to hang for long periods, also good for moving around the tree a lot. The batten seat is adjustable and only took a couple climbs to have it set just right. Gear loops are easily accessed and well spread. I attach a block to my harness, which has almost no discomfort. The grommeted and quick-connect leg buckles make it a breeze to put on and take off (only seconds). 100% great product at a great price! ”

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