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Chest Harnesses

Climbing the tree in SRS (Stationary Rope Systems) is made easier with a chest harness. The newest SRS and Hybrid devices all work best when tended with a lightweight, compact chest harness. (Note that you may still see the term 'SRT or Single Rope Technique' pop up from time to time.)

4SRT Chester Harness

4SRT Chester Harness


The 4SRT Chester has been designed to be the most effective chest harness for modern SRT climbing, and will work with the newest SRT and Hybrid work positioning devices. This is a minimal, lightweight chest harness with maximum flexibility for tending your climbing device. The DMM XSRE carabiner is recommended but not included.

Chester sizing: Standard: 36 - 46 inch chest, Large: 46 - 52 inch chest.

4SRT Chester Solo

4SRT Chester Solo


The 4SRT Chester Solo is a super simple SRS harness with plenty of options for attaching gear and tenders for your favorite SRS/Hybrid device. DMM XSRE not included.

Chestie Harness


Chestie harness developed by Paul Didier to aid you in your SRS climbs. A center grommet allows carabiner connection to your attachment device. Adjustable size fits both female and male climbers that wear small, medium, or large shirts. The Chestie Harness - Double allows you to advance two systems simultaneously or separately, with two grommets.

CMI Chest Harness

CMI Chest Harness


CMI webbing chest harness designed for rec climbing programs. Bright red tie in point in the front and all buckles in the back, keeping adjustments away from sensitive areas. Double pass buckles ensure the harness stays on and stays tight. Not to be used without a seat harness. One size fits most. Weighs 12 oz.

Tree Access SRT Chest Harness


Designed to integrate seamlessly with the Tree Access ANSI ST and 2021 version of the Tree Access Evo harness, this top-level accessory chest harness is ideal for SRS maneuvers and positioning. Dedicated attachment point for Turboknee System ascender, numerous loops for secondary connections, and color differentiated padding on the shoulders. Can be rigged to work with other harnesses. Not for fall-protection.

Weight: 9.4oz, Height: 55-85cm

TreeRex Bungee Chest Harness


Size-adjustable chest harness built to connect to the TreeRex for comfortable ascent on the single rope according to SRS. Not PPE. Compatible with harnesses from other manufacturers to improve SRS ascent.

Weaver Chest Box

Weaver Chest Box


The Weaver Chest Box is a lightweight, minimalist chest harness for tending a SRT or hybrid device. Adjustable from 33” to 52” with 21” shoulder straps. Made from 1” nylon webbing with a single steel ring for attachment.

Petzl Chest'Air Harness

Petzl Chest'Air Harness


This chest harness connects with a carabiner (sold separately) to the bridge of the Avao or Sequoia to add fall-arrest capability to those harnesses. This adjustable harness fits a wide range of users with doubleback buckles on both the shoulder and chest straps. Running the strap over the upper back provides a more comfortable distribution of weight. The sternal attachment for fall-arrest does not have a bulky D, for a lighter, less obtrusive harness. Weighs 495 g.

Petzl Work Harnesses

Petzl Voltige Chest Harness

One Size

Fully adjustable “figure 8” style chest harness helps prevent the wearer from inverting during a fall. Must always be used with a sit harness.

Petzl Top

Petzl Top Harness

One Size

Works with Petzl Avao Sit saddle to transfer weight carried on saddle to shoulder straps. A very comfortable way to support the weight of gear carried on the harness, as well as giving you a single chest attachment point. Connects to the rear buckle of a Avao Sit or Sequoia SRT harness. Can be used with Croll chest ascender. Fall-protection rated on SIT harness only.

Weighs 660g.

Petzl Top w/ Croll S


Top chest harness with integrated Croll S rope grab.

The TOP CROLL S integrates a CROLL S ventral rope clamp to transform the ASTRO SIT FAST, AVAO SIT, AVAO SIT FAST, FALCON and FALCON ASCENT harnesses into rope access harnesses. The textile sternal attachment point allows optimal weight and bulk reduction. The foam shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing. When the waistbelt is loaded, they help distribute the load over the shoulders. The rear connection, on each side of the waistbelt, offers excellent stability.

Petzl Top w/ Croll L


Top chest harness with integrated Croll L rope grab.

The TOP CROLL L integrates a CROLL L ventral rope clamp to transform the ASTRO SIT FAST, AVAO SIT, AVAO SIT FAST, FALCON, FALCON ASCENT and SEQUOIA SRT seat harnesses into rope access harnesses. The foam shoulder straps are widely spaced to reduce neck chafing. When the waistbelt is loaded, they help distribute the load over the shoulders.

Secur Shoulder Strap

Petzl Secur Add-On Harness

One Size

Shoulder straps for positioning the Croll ascender can be added to Sequoia saddles. Attaches with a girth hitch to the rear ring of the harness. Easily adjusted with the DoubleBack buckle.

Weighs 135g.

Petzl Torse Strap for Croll

Petzl Torse Strap for Croll Ascender


Webbing strap enables correct positioning of the Croll chest ascender. Adjusts rapidly using the min double-back buckle. Back strap can be unclipped to remove the harness.

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