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Cutting Edge Tree Climbing Harnesses

These advanced tree climbing harnesses are an investment in your performance and comfort. Each offers a unique approach to a top-end climbing harness. If you are looking for a new climbing harness with fewer bells and whistles, check out our modern tree climbing harnesses.

Ergovation by Buckingham


The Ergovation saddle is loaded with features, and designed to be the most ergonomic and comfortable saddle they’ve built. Patented, ergonomically-designed saddle conforming to EN 358 2000 Standards for Work Positioning as well as EN 813 2008 Standards for Sit Harnesses. Features include: fully-modular design for customized fit and comfort, ergonomically designed back pad to contour the pelvis and support the lower back, adjustable work positioning D rings for comfortable and customized placement, and customizable lumbar support to help maintain optimal posture when climbing. Weighs 6 lb. 3 oz.

Sizes: Small 28”-32”, Medium 32”-36”, Large 36”-40”, Extra-Large 40”-44”

Click here for Ergovation add-ons like the batten seat, SRT attachment, or Fall-Pro harness.

Ergo Pro by Buckingham

Add-on Fall Pro Harness

The newest ergonomic, production climbing harness from Buckingham! From fall arrest with optional harness, to fall restraint, to work positioning, Buckingham’s Ergo Pro tree saddle covers it all. This saddle is the latest edition in the Ergo line and was developed between Buckingham Manufacturing and certified arborist Ed Carpenter and his physical-therapist sibling Dr. Amanda Carpenter.

  • Designed to fit a Range of Climbing Styles and motions
  • Durable Kernmantle Rope Bridge that is easily changed
  • Option to add additional Rope Bridge
  • Two lightweight Aluminum D-rings
  • Full Floating Suspension Ring
  • Numerous, easily-accessed rigid accessory loops
  • Endless options for gear storage and customization
  • Accessory carabiners on sides perfect for saws & tools
  • Centered storage on back of harness for Bloodstopper
  • Moisture-wicking Drilex on back pad & Leg pads

Sequoia by Petzl

Size 0
Size 1
Size 2

With updated waist buckles, bridge options (including running 2 bridges), and improved profile and padding, the Sequoia is better than ever!

The extra-wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops provide comfort for the arborist. Semi-rigid, extra-wide waistbelt design ensures excellent support for the user. Sculpted and lined with foam padding for improved comfort when suspended. 2 gated attachment points allow you to easily connect a lanyard, or to install several attachment bridges (fixed or adjustable) and accessories directly on the bridge.

    Petzl Sizing
  • Size 0: Waist 25" - 31", Leg 17" - 23"
  • Size 1: Waist 28" - 36", Leg 18" - 24"
  • Size 2: Waist 32" - 47", Leg 20" - 25"

Sequoia SRT by Petzl

Size 0
Size 1
Size 2

The SEQUOIA SRT has a ventral attachment point that allows a ZIGZAG or ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusik to be installed with CHICANE and KNEE ASCENT accessories. The extra-wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops provide comfort for the arborist. It is equipped with DOUBLEBACK PLUS self-locking buckles on the waistbelt and FAST LT PLUS automatic buckles on the leg loops. The gated attachment points allow the user to easily connect a ZILLON or MICROFLIP lanyard, or to install several attachment bridges and accessories directly on the bridge. The harness also facilitates the carrying and organizing of work tools, with multiple equipment loops and retainers for attaching CARITOOL tool holders.

    Petzl Sizing
  • Size 0: Waist 25" - 31", Leg 17" - 23"
  • Size 1: Waist 28" - 36", Leg 18" - 24"
  • Size 2: Waist 32" - 47", Leg 20" - 25"

Tree Access ASNI ST Harness by CAMP

Size 1
Size 2

This is the perfect harness for climbers looking for exceptional comfort and maximum versatility. Position suspension with adjustable connection of the mobile bridges for ergonomic support. Multiple connection possibilities for organization, work, and positioning with two mobile attachment bridges, side loops on the lower bridge, and an aluminum ring on the upper bridge to name a few.

  • Size 1 – Weight: 114oz, Waist: 80-120cm, Legs: 50-65cm, Height: 55-75cm
  • Size 2 – Weight: 118.3oz, Waist: 90-135cm, Legs: 60-75cm, Height: 65-85cm

Tree Acces ANSI XT by CAMP

Size 1
Size 2

Fully certified fall-arrest harness with all the functions of the Tree Access ANSI ST saddle. This is the perfect harness for climbers who need fall-arrest certification, but want maximum efficiency and performance for SRS maneuvers.

  • Size 1 – Weight: 114oz, Waist: 80-120cm, Legs: 50-65cm, Height: 55-75cm
  • Size 2 – Weight: 118.3oz, Waist: 90-135cm, Legs: 60-75cm, Height: 65-85cm

Tree Austria 3.2

Size 2
Size 3

The Tree Austria 3.2 is the latest development in one of our most popular climbing harnesses. Important developments are the improved leg pads with ergonomically-designed shapes and thicker padding, adjustable rise, and rated webbing loops on the bridge shackles. These improvements on an already great design make this a harness you can trust to get you into the treetops in comfort.

The Tree Austria 3.2 is fully-adjustable in the waist, leg loops, and hip and leg straps. Quick-release snaps on the leg loops and waist belts are easy to operate yet secure. The sliding bridge is a sturdy webbing bridge with large aluminum ring.

Weighs about 3.9 lb.

Add-on chest harness, batten seat and replacement parts are available.

    Waist Sizing:
  • Size 1 71-80cm (28” - 32”)
  • Size 2 81-90cm (32” - 36”)
  • Size 3 91-101cm (36” - 40”)

treeMOTION EVO by Teufelberger


The new treeMOTION evo combines new versatile performance features with the comfort and safety of the original treeMOTION harness. The unique construction of this harness allows the user to customize everything from the hang of the leg loops to the position of gear loops for complete freedom of movement and comfort. The saddle itself is lightweight and contours to the body ergonomically with replaceable, washable padding.

treeMOTION S.light by Teufelberger

One Size

The Super Light (S.light)treeMOTION has the same general treeMOTION design, but uses thinner material to make the harness lighter and more adaptive to the climber's body shape. The sleeker profile of the S.light is ideal for climbers who want their tree climbing harness to be as unobtrusive as possible and not get in the way of their climbing.

TreeRex Arborist Harness by Edelrid

Size 1
Size 2

The TreeRex Triple Lock is a versatile harness which adapts to any climbing style. The rope bridge can be configured as a single, double, fixed or adjustable connection point. Every TreeRex comes with the optional SRT BRIDGE for safe and comfortable working on single ropes. Wide, semi-rigid leg pads deliver great comfort while suspended and breathe well. All buckles are triple lock and all load-bearing straps have red indicator tape for easy inspection.

The TreeRex has 4 large gear loops, which are rigid and squared for easy racking and organizing of tools. Two slots for saw/tool carriers on each side, an EN 358 rated eyelet for hanging a chainsaw, and spot for your emergency compress / first aid kit round it out.

    Waist Sizing:
  • SZ 1: 27” to 43”
  • SZ 2: 33” to 48”

Read more about how TreeRex is built for today's tree climber.

Tree Core by Edelrid

One Size
sad706 Ships from manufacturer

This item may not be available for expedited shipping. Please allow an extra few days.

Lightweight, maneuverable climbing harness with adjustable length bridge.

The Tree Core is a very lightweight, functional harness for arborists. The Tree Core is built around a modular belt, with removable D rings and sliding D on a webbing bridge. The waist support is easily adjustable to customize the hang point on the harness. The Tree Core has four gear loops, two buckle straps and slide buckle loops. Easily adjustable leg loops ensure optimum wear comfort and make the belt easier to put on and take off.

Sizing: One size adjusts to fit waists 29.5" to 49", and thighs from 17.75" to 29.5"

Weaver Denali Saddle

One Size

Leading the industry with a one-size-fits-all design, the Denali combines patented AirFlex technology and high-performing safety features for the ultimate climbing experience. The double rope suspension bridge on this arborist saddle features a diamond knot at one end and a girth hitch on the other for replicability and security.

Featuring an adjustable waist (28"-48") and adjustable position hip dees and leg pads to fit climbers of all heights, one size comfortably fits all.

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