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Modern Tree Climbing Harnesses

Modern tree climbing harnesses have advanced leaps and bounds from the days of split-suspension, cotton saddles. These are solid choices for a professional climber looking for a dependable ride. If you are looking for the fully-loaded harnesses with all the options, check out cutting-edge climbing harnesses.

Agility Harness by Buckingham

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Extra Large
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The Buckingham AgilityTM saddle was designed in conjunction with Jamie Chambrelli, and the team at ArborMaster® Training Inc. Jamie is a lead instructor with ArborMaster®, Connecticut Licensed Arborist and production tree climber.

During development, Buckingham looked at feedback around the industry including proper fit, adjustment slippage, mobility of suspension systems, proper support at legs and back, lower hardware options and other attachment options throughout the suspension, and a plethora of other issues with saddles around the industry. The handmade in the USA Agility saddle was designed and built for “Work” with a focus on comfort, durability, mobility, and functionality.

    Buckingham Saddle Sizing
  • Small: 28-32”
  • Medium: 32-36”
  • Large: 36-40”
  • XL: 40-44”

Astro Sit Harness by Petzl

Size 0
Size 1
Size 2

ASTRO SIT FAST rope access seat harness features an openable ventral attachment point that allows optimal integration of equipment (rope clamp, lanyard, seat...). Wide, semi-rigid waistbelt and leg loops give excellent support. They are contoured and lined with breathable foam padding for comfort when suspended. The harness also facilitates carrying and organizing work tools, with multiple equipment loops and retainers for attaching CARITOOL tool holders and TOOLBAG tool-holder pouches. This seat harness is designed to be converted into a full-body harness, when combined with a TOP CROLL S or L chest harness.

    Petzl Sizing:
  • Size 1 = 27.5”-36.6” Waist & 5' 5" - 6' Tall
  • Size 2 = 32.6”-47.2” Waist & 5' 8" - 6' 6" Tall
Petzl Avao Sit Fast

Avao Sit Fast by Petzl

Size 1
Size 2

The Avao Sit Fast harness is an improvement on the popular Avao. It features improved waist belt padding, redesigned gear loops, slots for tool carriers or carabiners, and a dorsal attachment point for a shoulder harness (see compatible shoulder harnesses below). This new harness is designed to increase comfort and mobility while working. The Avao Sit Fast improves upon the Avao Sit by adding quick-connect leg buckles.

    Petzl Sizing
  • Size 0: Waist 25" - 31", Leg 17" - 23"
  • Size 1: Waist 28" - 36", Leg 18" - 24"
  • Size 2: Waist 32" - 47", Leg 20" - 25"

ErgoLite Spartan by Buckingham


Modeled after Buckingham's popular Ergovation saddle, the Spartan is a modified Ergolite constructed out of heavy-duty materials and features a fully-adjustable waist, legs and suspension bridge. This lightweight saddle weighs in at only 5.3 lbs and features a comfortable, breathable waist belt and leg loops, lightweight aluminum work-positioning D rings, a second set of D rings that allow the bridge to articulate, quick-adjust strapping, 6 large accessory loops, an easily-replaceable bridge, and front buckle closure that allows for easier on/off while wearing spikes. Fully-adjustable waist, legs and bridge.

Sizes: Small 28”-32”, Medium 32”-36”, Large 36”-40”, Extra-Large 40”-44”

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Master 5.0 Arborist Harness

Master 5.0 Arborist Harness by Buckingham

sad116S Special order item
sad116M Special order item
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Extra Large
sad116XL Special order item

Special Order item. Lead times may be very long. Inquire for expected wait.

The Master 5.0 is a top of the line tree saddle that was designed hand-in-hand with the team at ArborMaster. The body of the saddle is lightweight and padded for maximum comfort and mobility when in trees. The saddle features 9 stationary-rated attachment points along with two medium-sized dee rings for anything from chainsaw lanyards to blood stopping kits. The floating bridge provides for optimum mobility, especially when the user is using a SRT system.

Onyx Harness by New Tribe

Size 1
Size 2

The Onyx is a compact harness that provides support by improving the construction and design of the harness so the weight is distributed more evenly, thanks to the unique webbing pattern on the leg loops. The hang point on the Onyx is fully adjustable, with adjustment on the waist to rigging plates, rigging plates to leg loops, and from the back of the harness to the leg loops. The harness provides comfort without added bulk.

WesSpur stocks the Onyx with rigging plates and rope bridge, and the harness is also available with a webbing bridge. Conversion kits are available to convert the harness between the two.

Click here for Onyx with webbing bridge or conversion kits.

Onyx harness sizing: Size 1 (waist 26” to 37”), Size 2 (waist 35” to 46”).

The Onyx weighs under 5 pounds and is designed for professional use.

New Tribe Tengu Tree Harness

Tengu Harness by New Tribe


This “ultra-light” Harness is designed to be light and comfortable without sacrificing safety. The belt pad and leg pads on the Tengu are work-Harness shape and provide great support without restricting movement. The side D rings on the belt and the sliding D ring on the leg strap bridge are “soft” Ds that trim the weight, yet retain the strength of the Harness. Harness includes three soft gear loops, one on each side and one at the back, a carabiner loop behind each side gear loop, soft side Ds, two gaps on the belt webbing that can carry additional carabiners.

The leg straps have quick-release buckles, two accessory loops, one on each leg strap, (these little loops keep whatever you put there within easy reach.) These straps are now adjustable to accommodate a wide range of users. The soft floating D on the leg strap bridge glides smoothly when you shift from one side to the other. If you place the apex of your Delta Screw Link into the floating D it grabs the Delta tighter to prevent it from rotating as you climb.

Timber 3D Harness by Singing Rock

Size 1 - M/LG
Size 2 - XL
Replacement Bridge

The Timber 3D Harness is a very comfortable, lightweight, and well-padded tree climbing harness. This harness has the features you expect from a modern tree harness streamlined to keep the weight and price down. The padding on the Timber is very well designed for comfort without bulk. Replaceable bridge with sliding ring makes positioning easy. Leg loops run through rings as well for independent movement. Adjustable leg loops and waist belt have SPEED clips, so you don't have to adjust your fit each time.

Check out the back of the harness for your gear loops, tool holder slots, first-aid pouch attachment spot, and central attachment point for saw strap.

New Tribe Twist Harness

Twist Harness by New Tribe

Standard Size

Updated version of New Tribe's Basic rec climbing Harness with adjustability. One size fits SM-LG users up to 225 lb, making this the perfect choice for rec climbing groups, adventure climbing hosts, etc. One snap hook, two carabiner loops, accessory ring, and two slots for gear bags and carabiners provide plenty of places to carry gear. The large teardrop leg pads make it comfortable to hang in. A great choice for recreational climbers! Weighs 2 lb.

The Standard Size Twist fits users up to 225 lb. The XL New Tribe Twist has a taller back pad, and can fit larger users or standard users who want taller back padding.

Viking Arborist Harness by Buckingham


The Buckingham Viking tree climber's harness is a tree saddle WesSpur worked with Buckingham to develop. The Viking is an affordable and dependable rope-bridge harness from the people you trust the most to build rock-solid tree gear. The Viking has a simple, uncluttered design with good geometry that transfer weight to the legs instead of the hips and lower back, and excellent padding on the leg loops. Well-padded with Drilex lining to dry faster wick moisture away, this saddle packs a lot of comfort and features at an excellent value. The saddle has snaps in all the right places for your saws, gear, and a carabiner loop on either side for a large carabiner to hold your saw.

We recommend the Viking to those who want a full-featured, reliable work saddle at a great price. This is an excellent saddle for Tree Care Company employees, who are at their most efficient and safest when working comfortably so that their full attention is on the job.

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Weaver Cougar with Webbing Bridge

SAD316S This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer
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SAD316L This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer
SAD316X This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer

The very popular Weaver Cougar tree saddles has received an update with a sewn webbing bridge replacing the rope suspension bridge of the original Cougar harness. The new webbing bridge on the Cougar has a black core which contrasts sharply with the orange outer layer. This makes the bridge on the new Cougar easy to visually inspect.

Aside from the improved bridge, the new Cougar features the same excellent padding, full complement of gear loops, rings, and snaps, and solid construction climbers have come to expect from the Weaver Cougar.

Size: Small 30”-34”, Medium 34”-40”, Large 40”-44”, Extra-Large 44”-48”

Weaver Cougar Harness with Webbing Bridge and Batten Seat

SAD317S This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer
SAD317M This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer
SAD317L This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer
SAD317X This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer

A batten seat makes this new version of the Weaver Cougar ideal for folks who need a comfy seat while aloft more than the mobility provided by padded leg loops.

Size: Small 30”-34”, Medium 34”-40”, Large 40”-44”, Extra-Large 44”-48”

Weaver Rope Bridge Saddle

Weaver Rope Bridge Saddle

SAD320S This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer
SAD320M This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer
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SAD320X This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer

Weaver's latest harness features a double rope suspension bridge for great mobility and easy replacement. The bridge has a white core to make spotting wear and replacing the bridge easy. The rigging plates offer multiple suspension points.

The Weaver rope bridge saddle really shines in the foam-lined back pad and the many gear rings, snaps, and loops allowing you to rack your gear exactly how you like.

Size: Small 30”-34”, Medium 34”-40”, Large 40”-44”, Extra-Large 44”-48”

Weaver Rope Bridge Saddle w/ Batten Seat

Weaver Rope Bridge Saddle w/ Batten Seat

sad321S This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer
sad321M This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer
sad321L This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer
sad321X This Item Ships Directly from Manufacturer

Weaver's batten seat version of the new rope bridge saddle has the same high-quality construction and features of the rope bridge harness with the added benefit of a batten seat for those who want the support of a sit sling. An excellent addition to the Weaver family of tree climbing harnesses.

Size: Small 30”-34”, Medium 34”-40”, Large 40”-44”, Extra-Large 44”-48”

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