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Saw Straps & Saddle Accessories

Saw and tool lanyards and straps are essential for keeping your tools at hand. Breakaway saw straps are designed to tear-away at a certain load, so that if the chainsaw is carried with falling wood it will tear away and protect the climber. Bungee straps are handy for keeping slack out of your way.

Antishock Tool Lanyards by Teufelberger

Antishock Tool Lanyards by Teufelberger

$73 - $115 str116m

This Antishock tool lanyard has been designed by Teufelberger to protect the climber in the case that the climber's saw becomes hung up in a falling branch or top. This Antishock lanyard protects the climber with a tear-away webbing pack, which activates if 2.0 - 2.2 kN (roughly 450 to 500 lb) of force is applied to the saw. The webbing in the pack deploys, but it does not tear-away completely. This means that you won't watch your saw plummet to the ground if it is only momentarily caught up, and the force on the climber is greatly reduced.

However, if the extra distance provided by the initial deployment of the tear-away webbing does not free the saw, the webbing will tear open completely after 27.5" (70cm) and the saw will detach from the climber, preventing further injury from the stuck saw applying force to the user through the harness.

The Antishock lanyard is treated to be extra tough, and is available with choice of anodized ring or carabiner, or with no hardware.

Note: The Carabiner version of this strap has a very tight carabiner loop. Use DMM Phantom screw lock carabiner or similar small 'biner for best fit.

YouTube overview by Taylor Hamel.

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Buckingham Breakaway Chansaw Lanyards

Breakaway Chainsaw Lanyards by Buckingham

With Ring
With Snap

Bungee lanyard breaks away at 250 lb. shock load. Designed to prevent the climber from being carried out of the tree by a falling load snagging on the chainsaw. NOT for chainsaws over 15 lb.

Saddle Saw Strap

Bungee Chainsaw Lanyards

With Snap
With Ring
With Soft Loop

Non-breakaway bungee lanyard helps prevent the saw from becoming entangled in branches as you climb. Available with option of swivel snap (pictured), ring, or soft loop terminations.

TAL-Lite Bungee Tool Lanyard


The STEIN TAL-Lite Bungee Tool Lanyard has been designed for use with handsaws or light tools up to 1kg in weight. It has 5mm shock-cord fitted which can be attached to the tool by chocking and securing with the stopper. STEIN tool lanyards are marked with an individual serial number and a SWL (safe working load).

Length from 90cm to 140cm (35.4" to 55.1").

Tango Chainsaw Lanyard, Slim by Drayer


Elastic saw lanyard with predetermined breaking point, 0.7/1.4 kN. 70 - 140cm (27.5" - 55") length, 12 mm (1/2") width. Light, compact, and easy to keep out of the way.

Saddle Saw Strap

2-in-1 Quick Shortening Chainsaw Lanyards

With Ring
With Snap
With Loop

These are our most popular tool straps and saw lanyards, because they can quickly be changed to hang at their full 50 inch length or shortened to hang right at hip level. Available with a snap, ring, or soft loop at the lead end, made from nylon webbing.

Saddle Saw Strap

Webbing Tool Straps

12” with Snap
12” with Ring
8” with Ring

12-inch nylon webbing tool straps make great short lanyards for attaching saws and tools to your tree climbing belt. Available with a snap or ring.

8" nylon webbing tool strap is perfect for keeping a saw or tool close at hand. Comes with ring.

Saddle Saw Strap

2-inch Saddle Tool Strap

2” with Clip

These short tool straps will slide onto a belt and make a great place to hang a scabbard or saw.

Malice Clips

Malice Clips

Short (4” closed)
Long (6” closed)

Malice Clips® are injection molded, heavy duty, reusable connecting clips that can be used to attach gear pouches to MOLLE/PALS style equipment or webbing on saddles, gear bags, etc. Once properly closed, the clip will not open until it is disengaged by the user using a flat tipped object such as a knife or screwdriver. Sold by the pair.

Hammock Smart

sad905 Special Order Item

Take the weight off during prolonged suspensions with the Kong Hammock Smart. This ergonomic, quick-assemble seat is made with wide woven strips and an aluminum frame. Optional attachment points allow it to be connected directly to your tree harness. Breaks down easily for convenient storage.

Arborist Gear Bag

2-Pocket Pouch


Black canvas, rubber-lined pockets, great for bolts, knives, carabiners, etc. Slides over belt to attach.

Bag dimensions: 8” x 6 1/2” x 2”

Arborist Gear Bag

Climb Bucket without Zipper

Non-Zipper Pouch

Handy open pouch with ring for attachment to saddle. Open top keeps your gear at-hand and easily-accessible.

Bag dimensions: 8” x 11” x 2”

Weaver Ditty Pouch

Weaver Saddle Ditty Pouch

Pouch w/ Clips

Elastic top helps keep branches and debris out and tools in. Two rings with clips on back for attachment.

Bag dimensions: 9" x 8" x 5"

First Aid Pouch for Arborist Saddles

First Aid Pouch

Pouch w/ Clip

Velcro closure, clip on back. Perfect size for an emergency compress.

Saddle Lanyard Pouch

Saddle Lanyard Pouch

Lanyard Pouch

Heavy-duty bag easily holds 35' lanyards or a flipline kit, sling & block, etc. We brought on this lanyard pouch due to the rising popularity of carrying an extra-long secondary lanyard like the CE Lanyard for work positioning. This pouch is great for storing such systems, which are often used over-the-shoulder to help tend devices like the Rope Wrench while ascending, then fully deployed to work the tree. Attaches anywhere with 2 Malice clips (included). The best pouch around! Made in the U.S.A.

Bag dimensions: 8.5" x 6.5" x 4"

Video Overview of the Saddle Lanyard Pouch by Niceguydave.

Weaver Arborist Tree Saddle

Weaver Add-On Suspenders

One Size

Removable, adjustable 2” nylon suspenders help distribute the weight of chain saws, scabbards, and other saddle accessories. Features nickel plated snaps and sliders for attachment and adjustment. Attaches to small Ds on select Weaver saddles, including SAD304, SAD306, SAD307, and SAD (3080801035, 0801036, 0801038, and 0801040).

Not for fall arrest!

Buckingham Leather Tree Saddle

Buckingham Add-On Suspenders

One Size

Removable suspenders help keep saddle in place when loaded with equipment. Adjustable suspenders are not load bearing or designed for fall protection, but can increase comfort and help keep the saddle from slipping down. Requires a carabiner to attach to the loop in back of most saddles. (Carabiners available separately here.)
Not intended for fall arrest.

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