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treeMOTION Tree Climbing Harnesses from Teufelberger

The treeMOTION harness is one of the most popular professional arborist harnesses in the world. The treeMOTION has caught on with tree climbers because of it's comfort, customization, and functionality. No other tree climbing harness gives you as many options to customize your harness as the treeMOTION.

treeMOTION Pro

Stock Item

The treeMOTION has evolved and improved to the treeMOTION Pro. Available in 3 sizes to fit all climbers, this fully-cusomizable climing harness has great ergonomics, padding, and options. Optional double bridges, openable side rings for easy replacement of hip/leg connections, and 4 attachment points for supsenders or chest harness. With a 10 year life and maximal customization, the Pro is a great development in treeMOTION harness.

treeMOTION Pro size chart

treeMOTION S.light

One Size

The Super Light (S.light) model treeMOTION S.light has the same general treeMOTION design, but uses thinner material to make the harness lighter and more adaptive to the climber's body shape. The sleeker profile of the S.light is ideal for climbers who want their tree climbing harness to be as unobtrusive as possible and not get in the way of their climbing.

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