Sizing Weaver Tree Saddles for Fit and Comfort

Selecting the correct positioning saddle size is very important for optimum comfort and confidence in the saddle. The following sizing applies to all Weaver saddles and uses a Dee to Dee Measurement (Point A to Point E) to help determine the correct and best fitting saddle size by ensuring the dees are properly located in front of the hipbones. With the dees located in front of the hipbones, the user has better positioning ability and added comfort while in the saddle.

weaver tree saddle sizing diagram

Dee to Dee Measurement
This measurement is the most important. It is the measurement from side dee to side dee on the waist belt of the saddle. Step 1 below explains how to obtain this measurement. (Point A to Point E)

sizing weaver tree saddles using dee to dee measurement

1. Drop down approximately 4" from the top of each hipbone and measure the distance around the back from hipbone to hipbone using a tape measure. Add 2" to this measurement. This is the Dee to Dee Measurement. Please note: the added 2" will bring the dees in front of the hipbones for better positioning. (See figure 1)

2. Find the user's Dee to Dee Measurement in the chart to the right. The user's correct positioning saddle size is listed to the left of the proper Dee to Dee Measurement. Remember to allow room for adjustment for summer and winter clothing.
Size Dee to Dee Measurement Approximate Waist Size
Small 20" 30" - 34"
Medium 22" 34" - 40"
Large 24" 40" - 44"
Extra Large 26" 44" - 48"