HyperClimb 11.7mm Climbing Rope

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BREAKING STRENGTH28.9 kN (6,500 lb)
DIAMETER11.7mm (15/32")


Popular all-polyester 11.7mm climbing rope, makes a great all-round climbing line.

Samson HyperClimb is an all-polyester, 11.7mm climbing line. Engineered for use with both moving and stationary rope systems, HyperClimb has excellent hand, is durable, and is perfect for long ascents. It's an excellent companion for climbers of all skill levels.

"Pound for pound, from wear to feel, hands down the best rope on the market today."
- Jamie Chambrelli, ArborMaster® Training

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent knot-holding capability
  • Spliceable
  • Exceptional access line
  • Great for moving and stationary rope systems
  • Lightweight
  • Works well with hardware


  • Manufacturer: Samson
  • Diameter: 11.7mm (15/32")
  • Construction: 24-strand
  • Tensile strength: 28.9 kN (6,500 lb)
  • 1.6% elong. at 10% ABS
  • Weight per 100' / 100m: 6.5 lb / 9.7 kg
  • Spliceable: Yes
  • Sewn Eyes: Yes
  • Made in USA.

Samson HyperClimb rope is available in custom lengths on our bulk climbing rope page.

HyperClimb is available on a 600' reel on our climbing rope reels page.

You can add eyes on our rope splicing service page. (Check rope listing for available splice types.)

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9/27/2023 9:34 pm

Hyperclimb indeed

by Samantha

Love this rope! It works well in my rope wrench and in a MRS system. I usually natural crotch it when I work MRS on ascent and it has taken the abuse. Works well with my ascenders and knots well too. Very user friendly.

9/29/2023 4:21 pm

Buy It

by Vance D

Absolutely fantastic rope. Durable too.

11/16/2023 5:41 pm

Good pairing for my ZZ+

by Jeremy

I ordered a 200’ line with a spliced tight eye to go with my ZZ+. The splice will not fall through the links, so that’s a plus. With that being said, I had to pass the whole 200’ through the Zigzag. That’s fine cause I don’t plan to take the zigzag off this rope until it’s time to replace it. However, make sure you’re zigzag is facing the right way first. I passed all 200’ through the zigzag only to realize it was upside down. Had to take it back off, then do it all again. Have a laugh at my expense.

12/9/2023 11:20 am


by Chris

Made to order 150’ with a sewn eye. Quick turn around. The rope has a great hand and takes knots well.