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Other Brands of Hand Saw

The hand saws on this page are popular alternatives to the more expensive Silky or Samurai hand saws. These affordable saws are high-quality tools that have been popular with professionals for years.

Sheathes for your hand saw can be found on our saw scabbards page.

Corona Razortooth Hand Saw

Corona 13” QuickSaw

Extra 13” Blade

Fast-cutting, high-quality arborist handsaw which Corona has introduced in 2010. Tooth pattern helps keep the cut channel free of sawdust, resulting in a faster cut. Blade is made with SK4 high-carbon steel. Hard-chrome plating increases durability by making blade surface harder, providing corrosion resistance, and making cleaning easier. Taper-ground blade for reduced drag. Impulse hardened teeth stay sharp longer. Blade's steel extends through the entire handle, helping you make the most powerful cuts.

Corona Razortooth Hand Saw

Corona 13” Razor Tooth Saw

Saw w/ 13” Blade
Extra 13” Blade

This saw features a comfortable grip, 3-sided razor teeth, impulse hardened blade (longer life but non-sharpenable) and an efficient pistol grip with a finger hook to help maintain positioning while cutting. The handle features a cushion grip which reduces fatigue and slip.

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