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Silky Pole Saws

Our customers rave about Silky pole saws! They love the lightweight bodies, sharp and fast cutting pole saw blades, and the ease of adjustability. There is no finer pole saw than a Silky.

Shipping Pole Saws

Pole Saws are oversized items and excluded from free freight. A fee of $15 will be added to any order with oversized items, and will cover all oversized items on the order.

Silky Hayauchi Pole Saw

21’ (3 Extension) Saw
15.3” Extra Blade

The Silky Hayauchi is a professional-level, heavy-duty pole saw popular with tree workers who value top-quality tools. The aggressive, fast-cutting blade is complemented by an upper sickle for cutting vines and a lower sickle to undercut the bark for a clean cut. The 3-section Hayauchi is our most popular model, and it's easy to see why. With a length of 21’ fully-extended, it weighs in at only 6.9 lb without the sheath. The rigid aluminum poles are oval in cross-section, which give increased cutting control and strength. Two locking systems - pins backed up by friction clamps - make the saw stay set at each length.

The Sintung pruner head (see below) may be mounted on Hayauchi poles.

  • 15.4” chrome-plated blade
  • 5.5 teeth per inch
  • Excellent cutting control
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Pole Saws are oversized items and are excluded from free freight offer.

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Silky Hayate Pole Saw

16.5” Extra Main Blade
Extra Sickle Blade

The Silky Hayate is the ultimate in strength and durability in a telescoping pole saw, with the fast-cutting, super-sharp blade you expect from Silky. The Hayate has a top sickle blade for dealing with vines and a removable lower sickle blade for scoring bark, which can be removed when it would get in the way. The heavier construction of the Hayate is ideal for aggressive cutting. 3-section (20') version weighs 7.9 lb without sheath. Dual pin and clamp lock for secure adjustments.

  • 16.5” chrome-plated blade
  • 5.5 teeth per inch
  • Optional sickle blade
  • Strongest telescoping saw
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Pole Saws are oversized items and are excluded from free freight offer.

Silky Zübat Pole Saw

11’ (1 Extension) Saw
13” Extra Blade

The Zübat pole saw has the same curved blade as the Zübat hand saw. The base pole has a comfortable sponge rubber grip. The pole has a lever lock with spring loaded buttons at the end of each length. The oval aluminum alloy extension pole gives precise control to the direction of the saw blade (especially important for high cutting) and strength and rigidity to the pole, reducing bending to the minimum. Very lightweight and easy to maneuver.

  • 13” chrome-plated blade
  • 6.5 teeth per inch
  • Lightest telescoping pole saw
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Pole Saws are oversized items and are excluded from free freight offer.

Silky longboy Pole Saw

Silky Longboy Pole Saw

14” Extra Blade

Portable long-reach cutting power! The Longboy is a folding pole-saw that extends to 12 feet and is lightweight and compact (only 4.8 feet when folded). Easy to transport anywhere you need the cutting power of a Silky pole saw, but where it would be hard to take your Zübat, Hayate, or Hayauchi. Aggressive, chrome-plated 14" blade with 5.5 taper-ground, impulse-hardened teeth per inch provides significantly-improved cutting efficiency and maintains superior edge. Folds for easy transport, yet has two locking systems: pins/buttons, plus friction clamps to ensure that the pole is rigid when in use.

The Silky Longboy is not an oversized item and is eligible for our Free Shipping Offer.

Sintung for Silky Hayauchi

Sintung for Silky Hayauchi

2” / 50mm Capacity

The Sintung pruner attachment for the Hayauchi pole saw is back! This popular item allows you to mount a ratcheting pruner head with a big 2” (50mm) cutting capacity on your Hayauchi pole saw. The Sintung is the only method we know for utilizing the incredible telescoping pole of a Silky for a pole pruner. The Sintung features a ratcheting cutting action, which holds progress on larger cuts and allows the user to reset and continue the cut. The Sintung head is supplied with the necessary hardware to attach to your Hayauchi.

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Silky HookFox

Silky HookFox Add-on Hook


The Silky HookFox is a cast metal add-on hook that will attach to any Hayauchi, Hayate, or Longboy pole saw and provide a hook for hanging the saw in the tree.

(Does not fit Zübat pole saws.)

Silky File for sharpening Silky saws with sharpenable blades

Silky File

Saw File

This high-quality saw file restores life to Silky Saws with sharpenable blades. Works on Sugoi, Ibuki, Katanaboy, Hayauchi, and Hayate saws, and also the Yamabico, Masaru, Kamisorime, Genki, and Toduku.

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