Stable Braid 16mm (5/8") Rigging Rope

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BREAKING STRENGTH72.5 kN (16,300 lb)
DIAMETER16mm (5/8")

Stable Braid SamsonDry is treated with an advanced formula that reduces water uptake. A regular rigging rope may absorb up to 45% of its weight in water, SamsonDry limits that absorption to less than 5%, adhering to UIAA standards. This makes a rope that is lighter and easier to handle in wet conditions. As an added benefit, a dry rope won't freeze if left outside in cold weather!

Samson Stable Braid is one of the best rigging lines available. In the 5/8" diameter, Samson stable Braid has a breaking strength of 16,300 lb. Stable Braid is a double-braid, 100% polyester rigging rope that is exceptionally low stretch, abrasion resistant, and runs best though an arborist block for false crotch rigging.

Stable braid is flexible and easy to handle, which makes a great combination with the high strength of this rope. 5/8" Samson Stable Braid is incredibly strong for its size, and makes a great every-day rigging line.

Features & Benefits

  • Durable
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Low stretch
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Torque-free construction
  • UV-resistant
  • Spliceable


  • Manufacturer: Samson
  • Diameter: 16mm (5/8")
  • Construction: Double-braid
  • Tensile strength: 72.5 kN (16,300 lb)
  • Elongation: 1.1% elongation at 10% ABS
  • Weight per 100' / 100m: 14 lb / 20.8 kg
  • Spliceable: Yes
  • Sewn Eyes: No
  • Made in the USA

Samson Stable Braid 16mm rigging rope is available in custom lengths on our bulk rigging rope page.

Stable Braid 16mm is available on a 600' reel on our rigging rope reels page.

You can add eyes on our rope splicing service page. (Note that sewn eyes are not available on rigging ropes.)

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10/14/2023 7:45 pm

This is my first choice rigging line

by John

This is the line I pull out first for any rigging application. It wears well, works in blocks or natural crotches, is easily gripped via prusik cord, and has taken many dynamic loads. My only regret is not getting spliced eyes in both ends just for convenience in certain situations; when I someday replace this I will do that.