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Greenteeth® 1100 Series Stump Cutters

Greenteeth® have three cutting edges per tooth - get 3 times the value from each tooth! Save time changing teeth and enhance productive by simply rotating to a fresh cutting surface. Rotating Greenteeth requires only a standard wrench and can be done in a few seconds, without removing the pocket. Longer cutting life from each tooth plus faster changover = increased productivity and profit! The 1100-series is the largest in the Greenteeth family. The 1100 is best-suited for larger machines from 66 to 200hp.


The Wearsharp tooth maintains a sharp edge as the tooth wears in use, for optimum performance.

Green vs Red

You have the choice of "green" or "red" cutters. Standard or "Green" teeth have a shallower profile, making them more durable, especially when in rocky soil. The Deep Dish or "Red" teeth have a deeper profile, for a more aggressive cut - not recommended for rocky soils (25% or more rock).

1100-Series Greenteeth® - Standard and Deep Dish

1100-Series Greenteeth®

1100-Series Wearsharp
1100-Series Green (standard)
1100-Series Red (deep dish)

Greenteeth® supplied with nut. Remember to order bolts below.

The 1100-series is the largest in the Greenteeth® family. The 1100 is best-suited for larger machines from 66 to 200hp. Sold individually.

1100 Series Greenteeth Specifications Wrench Size (in) Nut Size (in) Carbide (in) Torque (ft. lbs.)
Red & Green
1/2" 13
50 (68Nm)

1/2" 13
50 (68Nm)

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Cobalt and Nickel, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to The following chemicals have been identified by the State of California to cause cancer. Cobalt CAS ID #: 7440-48-4, Nickel CAS ID #: 7440-02-0.

1100-Series Greenteeth®

1100-Series Greenteeth® Pockets

Angled Threaded
Straight Threaded
Reverse Threaded
Angled C-bored
Straight C-bored
Reverse C-bored

The 1100-series is the largest in the Greenteeth® family. The 1100 is best-suited for larger machines from 66 to 200hp. Remember to order bolts below. Sold individually.


GreenBolts (for 1100 series)

1 3/4" Bolt
2" Bolt
2 1/4" Bolt
2 1/2" Bolt
2 3/4" Bolt
3" Bolt

The GreenBolt is built with external drive head for easier installation and removal vs. a standard Allen bolt.

The head on the GreenBolt is a 5/8” hex, and secures with a 3/4” nut. Sold individually.

Green-seize Anti-Seize

Green-seize Anti-seize

8oz Bottle

This anti-seize compound also lubricates nuts and bolts to help prevent rust and corrosion and seizing up. We recommend using Green-Seize anti-seize when you install your Greenteeth® pockets. 8oz or 16 oz brush-top cans.

Green Tooth Wrench

Green Tooth Impact Socket Driver


1/2” impact socket driver for Greenteeth bolts.

Diamond Wheel

Diamond Wheel


Diamond grinding wheel measures 4” x 1/4” x 1”. For carbide tools.

greenwheel grinding wheels

Pearl Green Silicone Carbide Bench Grinding Wheels

6" Wheel / C80 Grit
8" Wheel / C120 Grit

Standard 6" & 8” green wheels for sharpening carbide tips on stump grinder teeth. Pearl brand bench grinding wheels are designed for use on work benches or floor standing machines. Wheels are not affected by water, oils or acids. Each wheel is balanced and ring tested. One size wheel can fit several different machines using the included bushing set. Use Green Silicon Carbide bench grinding wheels for fast burr free grinding of tungsten carbide tipped tools, ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

6” Wheel x 3/4” x 1” - C80 Grit - MAX RPM: 4,140

8” Wheel x 1” x 1” C120 Grit - MAX RPM: 3,600

Warning! Carbide dust is harmful if inhaled. A respirator must be worn while using the Green wheel.

Modular Guarding Unit Mark III

Plain Mark III System
Extra Panel w/ 2 Clips
Replacement Clips (4)
Replacement Mesh (1)

This is an oversized item and excluded from free shipping. It ships for $45 in the continental US. (Other areas, ask for a shipping quote.)

The Stein Modular Guarding System MKIII is designed to help reduce the risk of flying debris and help protect property from damage. This system has been redesigned to be easily broken down and set up, and is easy to ship - this item now is eligible for the free shipping offer, and now proudly made in the USA.

The panel is easy to assemble with no tools - two upright and two cross bars push together to build the frame for the Mark III Guarding System. The heavy-duty mesh cover slides over the frame in one piece and joins together at the base with two press studs and Velcro.

The Mark III Modular Guarding System can be customized with hazard striping and / or a "stump grinding" notice, and expanded with additional panels (sold separately).

3-panel, modular guarding system. Each panel measures 40.5" x 44.5" and weighs 8.4 lb, for a total weight of 25 lb. Protects property and workers from possible injury due to flying debris. Made in the U.S.A.

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