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Big Shot Line Launcher by Notch

The easiest way to get your line into the tree, this line launcher works like a giant slingshot to launch lines up to 100 feet. Can be used with a standard throw weight and throw line system, or with the specially-designed bullet-style weights. The Big Shot is equally popular with arborists, competition climbers, and recreational tree climbers. Being able to put your throw ball and line through the target crotch with precision and speed is definitively worth the investment.

Big Shot Line Launcher Kit with Two 4’ Marvin Poles


The Big Shot kit with 4’ poles couples two 4' poles together to make an 8' pole. This is great if you have limited space to store or transport your Big Shot, and since it is not an oversized item, it is eligible for the free shipping offer.

Big Shot with 2 x 4' B-Lite Poles


Using Jameson B-Lite poles for the Big Shot creates a lighter, more rigid line launcher that is easy to break down and pack anywhere.

Big Shot 4' Poles Only (no head)

Big Shot Launcher 4' Poles Only

Marvin Poles
B-Lite Poles

Two 4' Big Shot Line Launcher poles with couplers that allow you to fit the two poles together to reach a full 8' height. Big Shot head sold separately.

8’ Big Shot Line Launcher Kit

W/ Marvin Pole
W/ B-Lite Pole

The Big Shot head is mounted onto a sturdy 8’ fiberglass pole. This gives you the optimum height to pull the sling to the correct position before releasing. The Big Shot Line Launcher yields impressive results with a little practice. Replacement parts available. Throw line, throw weights, and optional add-ons sold separately.

Always use eye protection when using a line launcher.

Oversized item. Additional shipping required. Excluded from free freight.

picture of Big Shot Trigger

Big Shot Trigger


Improve Big Shot accuracy with this trigger. Makes it easier to line up your shot and release with consistency. Reduces arm fatigue no holding the sling while you aim. Integrated safety latch prevents accidental deployment. Fits all 1.25" round utility grade fiberglass poles. Attach where you want it mid-pole to customize the strength of your shot.

Ultimate Throw Line Big Shot Kit

Ultimate Throw Line & Big Shot Kit


This kit gives you the ultimate selection of throw line tools to establish your personal favorites and make sure you've got plenty of backups and alternative tools.

    Kit contains:
  • Big Shot with 4' poles (THR302)
  • Petzl Eclipse folding cube (BAG123)
  • 180' x 1.75mm Zing-It Throw Line (THR101-B)
  • 196' Petzl Airline (THR136)
  • 200' Dynaglide Throw Line (THR119)
  • Climb Right 10oz, 12oz, & 14oz Cordura throw bags (THR233, THR234 & THR236)
  • Petzl 9oz, 10.5oz, & 12.5oz throw bags (THR225, THR226, THR227)

Please note that this kit currently does not contain the 20oz throw bag - price has been reduced.

Big Shot Line Launcher

Big Shot Launcher Head Only


The Big Shot head is designed to fit into a Jameson female coupler mounted on a round fiberglass pole (sold separately).

New improved design of Big Shot head and pouch sling!

Big Shot Line Launcher

Big Shot Launcher Replacement Pouch and Sling


Replacement sling and pouch for the Big Shot line launcher.

Big Shot Release Snap

Big Shot Launcher Release Shackle


The stainless steel release shackle provides smooth and accurate release every time. The Big Shot release shackle comes with a short length of cord already on it, 3' of Zing-It for creating longer or replacement release cords, and 4' of 6mm accessory cord to tie a prusik and secure the release shackle to the Big Shot pole. This allows you to move the anchor for the release on the pole, adjusting the length of draw on the Big Shot for the desired height.

Anyone who has tried to make a few consecutive shots can tell you that holding the tension on the powerful Big Shot sling while aiming can quickly tire out your shoulders and arms. Using the prusik to hold the tension allows you aim with ease, and release when you've got the shot lined up. Made in France.

Big Shot 2’ Adapter Pole

Big Shot 2’ Adapter Pole

For Jameson Poles
For Marvin Poles
For B-Lite Poles

This 2’ adapter snaps into a 6’ fiberglass pole to adapt it for use with the Big Shot.

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