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Throw Line & Accessories

Throw line is essential for rope installation in the tree. Whether you have perfected your hand throwing or use a line launcher, WeSpur has throw lines, weights, and storage options for you.

spool of throwline Arborist Throw Lines

High-strength throw lines built to pull easily through the canopy.

Throw line folding cube Throw Line Storage

Folding throw line cubes, line mugs, and other storage options.

Throw weight varieties Throw Weights

Throw weights in every size and option.

Throw Line Kits Throw Line Kits

Complete line, weight, and storage kits with built-in savings.

Air-powered shoulder mount line launcher Shoulder Shot Line Launcher

Shoulder-mount, pneumatic line launcher for targeting those high branches.

Big Shot line launcher Big Shot Line Launcher

A pole-mounted line launcher which uses elastic bands for great height and accuracy.

Friction savers and rope savers Friction /Rope Savers

Friction / cambium savers protect your rope and the tree while climbing.

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