Carabiners for Tree Work

You trust a lot to the carabiners used in your climbing and work systems. We know how much you are putting on the line when you clip in to your climbing system. WesSpur only sells high-quality hardware from top manufacturers of tree gear. Trust the gear you buy to perform up to manufacturer specs.

Carabiners for Tree Work

Carabiners are essential for tree work. According to the ANSI Z133 standard for Arboriculture Operations, carabiners in a climbing system must be self-closing and self-double-locking, and have a breaking strength of at least 5,000 lb (25 kN). See "Double-Locking" carabiners for carabiners that meet this standard. Accessory carabiners are handy for racking gear on your climbing harness, and screw-locking carabiners have rigging applications.

Double-Locking Carabiners: self-closing & self-double-locking, with at least 5,000 lb. MBS. This meets the ANSI Z133 standard for connector that will support a climber. You may hear these carabiners called auto locking or positive-locking.

Screw-Locking Carabiners: perfect for rigging and setting up redirects. A screw-locking gate is not approved for the primary support of a climber in tree work.

Non-Locking carabiners: come in all shapes and sizes, from large paddle carabiners perfect for racking a saw, to tiny accessory 'biners to tend an SRS system.

ANSI Gate Carabiners: these locking carabiners meet the ANSI z359.1 standard for fall-arrest connections, with a MBS of at least 16kN strength on all axes, even side-loaded.

Steel Carabiners: increase strength and durability along with weight. Many uses in rescue and rigging.

Carabiner Keepers: keep your hardware positioned correctly on slings, lanyards, and more.