Steel Carabiners for Tree Work

Steel carabiners are unbeatable for strength in tree work. The extra weight of a steel carabiner can help advance your line or get a sling around a tree.

26 Products

AmericanO Locksafe ANSI
I-Beamer Big D Triple Lock
Small Iron Wizard Supersafe
Oxan Triact ANSI Gate
Vulcan Triact ANSI
XL Steel Autoblock ANSI Gate
RockD Stainless Auto-lock

Awaiting Restock

Steel HMS Triple

Awaiting Restock

Steel Strong Triple
Boa HMS Locksafe
Steel D Locksafe

Awaiting Restock

SMC Steel Triguard
Ovalone DNA Autoblock
Ovalone Inox Autoblock
Oval Screw-Lock
Steel D XL Screw-Lock
Oxan Screw-Lock
Vulcan Screw-Lock
SMC Steel D XL Screw-Lock
Small Iron Wizard Screw-Lock