Arborist Tree Climbing Harnesses

Get the right tree climbing harness to fit your body, climbing style, and budget. The harness is one of the biggest investments in comfort and productivity you can make. Browse popular harnesses from top-quality brands or check out our guide to tree choosing a tree climbing harness below.

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treeMOTION Essential Harness
$435.00 to $543.00
treeMOTION Pro
$525.00 to $662.00
Tree Austria Pro
$465.00 to $489.00
Arbo Master
Avao Sit Fast

Ships from Manufacturer

$475.00 to $620.00
Agility Harness

Ships from Manufacturer

$736.75 to $836.00
$775.00 to $950.00
Ergo Pro

Special Order Item

WLC-760 Saddle with Leg Straps

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Tree Climbing Harness Selection Guide with WesSpur's Nicegudyave

WesSpur's Dave Stice gives a thorough overview of the components and features of tree climbing harnesses, explaining what they do and how to make a good choice for your tree work and gear budget.


Your tree climbing harness will be the single biggest factor in your comfort while in the tree. WesSpur recommends getting the best climbing harness your budget allows. Our friendly sales reps and staff arborist can help you find the best harness for you, without paying for features you don't need. We stock the best tree climbing harnesses from the arb industry's top brands, so you can shop with confidence.

Need help finding the perfect tree harness or accessory? Check out our video guide above, or walk through some of our most popular categories below. You can also filter by brand using the links to the left. We stock climbing harnesses from Petzl, Buckingham, Teufelberger, and other top manufacturers. We can also special order anything you don't find at WesSpur.

Cutting Edge Harnesses are top-of-the line, and some of the most popular we offer. These high-end harnesses have the most features and best designs for climbing with today's techniques. This is where you'll find the treeMotion, Sequioa SRT, Tree Access, TreeAustria Pro, and more. These harnesses are an investment for the professional tree climber.

Modern Harnesses are professional tree climbing harnesses built for today's work environment. These are high-quality, work-ready saddles that will be comfortable and get the job done. They also tend to come in at a more affordable price than the highest-end harnesses. Includes the Astro Sit, BuckCraft, ArboMaster, and more.

Traditional tree harnesses remain popular with some who like the rugged construction and straightforward operation. These harnesses may not be as comfortable or full-featured as more modern ones, but they will get you working and often save you some money. Includes Buckingham Economy line, Master series, and more.

Fall-arrest harnesses are essential for working from a bucket or elevated platform. We stock a variety of fall-arrest harnesses that can be worn on their own, or under your tree climbing harness. There are also options for retro-fitting fall protection to your harness. Check descriptions for compatible harnesses.

Chest Harnesses from simple shoulder straps to padded harnesses. We have options for tending your SRS climbing devices, attaching a chest ascender, and supporting the weight of your climbing harness.

Bridges and parts for your climbing harnesses to keep you climbing safely. You should always have a spare bridge (or two) on hand to prevent downtime when a bridge needs to be retired. Bridges should be inspected before and after each climb. Stay safe!

Kids climbing harnesses let you share your love of tree climbing safely with the next generation.

Accessories is where you'll find harness tool pouches, saw holders, and chainsaw lanyards, and other tools you want at hand in the tree. Shop for saw and tool holders like the Buckcarrier, TransPORTER, Vault, and more.