Tree Climbing Spikes - Complete Climber Sets

Complete tree climbing spikes sets: climbing spurs, your choice of gaff, climber pads, gaff guards, and all necessary straps.

Use the filters to narrow by brand or material. Steel climbers are durable and strong. Aluminum climbers are an affordable lightweight option. Carbon Fiber and Titanium climbers are the lightest weight tree climbers available.

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Buckingham Steel Climber Set
$290.00 to $649.00
Klein Steel Climber Set

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$320.00 to $599.00
Distel Aluminum Climbers
$399.00 to $495.00
Distel Aluminum Climbers - DMM
$449.00 to $539.00
Distel Carbon Fiber Climbers

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$685.00 to $775.00
Talon Tree Climbers

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Gecko Aluminum Pole Climbers 2.0

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Gecko Carbon Fiber 2.0 Climbers
Bashlin Aluminum Climber Set

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$736.00 to $930.00
ArborAir Tree Climber Kit

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Buckalloy Black Tree Climber Kit

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Tree Climbing Spikes Brands

Buckingham steel tree and pole climbers are tried and tested. With over 100 years manufacturing gaffs, Buckingham delivers professional, high-quality tree climbing spikes. You can rely on a pair of Buckingham spurs season after season. Pads, straps, and gaffs are all replaceable. Buckingham climbers are made in the USA.

Distel Climbers are the original lightweight tree climber. These German made tree climbing spikes are available in multiple styles, including the incredibly light carbon fiber climber. All Distel climbers are adjustable in height, with replaceable gaffs, straps, & pads.

Klein tree and pole climbing spurs are some of the best steel spurs on the market today. A popular choice for utility and tree climbers, Klein spurs have a contoured shank & a broad, offset stirrup that sits in the center of the foot. The long tree gaffs allow you to get good penetration in thick bark. Klein tree climbing spikes are made in the USA.

Bashlin tree and pole climbing spikes are high-quality, lightweight, and super strong one-piece aluminum climbers. Bashlin climbers are popular with utility and tree climbers. The lighter weight and straighter angle of Bashlin climbers combine to make them very comfortable on long jobs. Bashlin Aluminum spurs are made in the USA.

Climb Right aluminum spurs are lighter than steel climbers while maintaining high strength. These spikes are made by Spyder Manufacturing with a straight shank from tempered aluminum. The bottoms of the climbers are textured for better grip when walking on tree limbs. Climb Right tree climbing spikes are made in the USA.

Edelrid Talon tree climbers are unique steel shanked tree climbing spikes with offset gaffs and molded rigid pads. Add-on ascender available.

Notch tree climbers are available in steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber shanked. Molded pads and replaceable gaffs.