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Tree Rigging and Removal Equipment

You've got a lot riding on your gear when you're rigging in the tree. The safety of your workers and the reputation of your company depend on professional techniques and dependable tree rigging gear. WesSpur has got you covered with a wide selection of tree rigging rope, sturdy arborist blocks, and tree rigging slings. Get the best rigging gear for your next tree job!

image of arborist block on a tenex tree rigging sling

Blocks & Pulleys

Arborist blocks, heavy-duty pulleys, & mechanical advantage systems.

image of an adjustable whoopie sling

Rigging Slings

Loopie, Whoopie, Dead-Eye, Slide-line, Crane Slings, and more.

image of the port-a-wrap friction management device

Lowering Devices

Port-a-Wraps, the GRCS, Aerial Friction Brake, & other friction management.

picture of 1/2 inch stable braid tree rigging rope

Rigging Rope

Durable and strong rigging lines for tree pruning & removals.

tree cabling diagram

Cabling & Bracing

Dynamic, non-invasive tree cabling systems as well as traditional tools.

picture of a steel carabiner


Carabiners, rigging plates, shackles, & swivels.

Mech Advantage Kits

Mech Advantage Kits

Complete kits allow easy lifting or line tensioning with advantage.

picture of a complete kit for tree rigging and removal

Negative Blocking Kits

Complete kits for Negative Blocking in tree removals.

picture of the more power puller

Pullers & Winches

Rope pullers, cable pullers, and Portable Winches.

picture of arborist rigging plate

Rigging Plates

Durable and strong rigging lines for tree pruning & removals.

picture of arborist rigging Ring

Rigging Rings

Steel and aluminum rings for use in building anchors and rigging points.

Speed Line Kits

Speed Line Kits

Complete speed line kits and 5 or 10-packs of speedline slings.

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