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Recreational Rope Climbing Kits

Climbing trees for fun is becoming a popular past time in America and across the world. WesSpur helps you get off the ground with a starting recreational tree climbing kit that packs all the gear you need for your first climbing adventures.

Upgrades & Substitutions

If you would like a different saddle, rope, or any other component that's no problem. Just let us know when ordering, and we will replace that item with your preferred one, adding or deducting the difference in retail price, so you keep the kit savings even though you've customized it to be exactly what you want.

TCI Recreational Tree Climbing Kit

Kit w/ Small Harness
Kit w/ Medium Harness
Kit w/ Large Harness
Kit w/ XL Harness

This kit is designed for a recreational starting tree climber. Contains everything a new recreational climber needs for doubled rope technique climbing. This kit is designed by Peter "Treeman" Jenkins, founder of Tree Climbers International and ideal for TCI students branching out on their own!.

Click here for the contents of the TCI Rec Climbing Kit

Kit Upgrades

SRT Rope Climbing Kit Upgrade

Right Hand Ascender
Left Hand Ascender

This upgrade to the rope climbing starter kits enables the user to climb in the Single Rope Technique (SRT) using ascenders. This is the easiest rope climbing technique and is usually the preferred technique for long ascents. There are several ways in which the included equipment can be connected and used. In any case the user simply shifts weight from one ascender to the other, advancing the ascender that has no weight on it, thereby making the process of climbing rope just like climbing a ladder. Contains: CMI hand ascender and foot ascender, (choice of right or left), ascender foot strap, 2 quick links, standard figure 8 ascender, 24” nylon runner, and 7 feet of Technora prusik cord in a pre-tied loop.

Secured Footlock Rope Climbing Kit Upgrade


This upgrade to any of the three rope climbing starter kits enables the user to climb in the secured footlock technique. Although still physically demanding, this technique is more energy efficient for longer ascents than the body thrust method. Includes extra-long Icetail prusik, Pirate double-locking carabiner, and Standard Figure-8.

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