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Petzl Zigzag image

Petzl Zigzag 2014

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Zigzag from Petzl Petzl Zigzag 2014 eye Pulling down on the Zigzag is just like pulling down on your friction hitch Petzl Zigzag mechanical prusik slack tending Petzl Zigzag mechanical prusik slack tending Petzl Zigzag mechanical prusik slack tending Petzl Zigzag mechanical prusik slack tending

Petzl Zigzag 2014 Model

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The Zigzag mechanical prusik for arborists combines all the individual pieces of gear being used in doubled rope climbing into a single mechanical prusik that operates just like climbing on a hitch and prusik in DdRT.

Friction is managed by running the climbing line through the linked "zig-zag" pattern of rings. The top ring is a lever; pushing down on this lever releases pressure in the rings, and the climber descends - just like using a prusik cord. Release the lever and the Zigzag jams, stopping descent. The climber has control over the rate of descent through varying the pressure on the Zigzag lever.

The attachment point for the climbing harness on the Zigzag is on a built-in swivel for twist-free ropes while you climb, which also helps make advancing the Zigzag smoother. The Zigzag has an eye for attaching the end of your climb line directly to the device in doubled rope climbing. Slack tending the Zigzag is made super-efficient with the built-in, sealed ball-bearing pulley.

The Zigzag accepts ropes from 11.5-13mm, so it works on your favorite 7/16" and 1/2" climb lines.

Be sure to download the Petzl guide to using the Zigzag and the summary of changes to the 2014 Zigzag under the Safety & Technical tab below, and checkout the video tab to see the new Zigzag in action.


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Additional Features

  • Integrated pulley
  • Effortless advancement
  • Combines prusik, swivel & pulley
Manufacturer : Petzl
Made in : France
Min Rope Size : 7/16” (11.5mm)
Max Rope Size : 1/2” (13mm)
Material : Steel, aluminum, plastic, rubber
Dimensions : Aprox. 3 3/8" x 5 1/2"
Weighs : 11.3 oz (320 g)

Safety & Technical Information

The Petzl Zigzag is for use only by trained climbers.

For use only on doubled rope only.

Petzl ZIGZAG Resources


  • CE Certified

Petzl Zigzag 2013 Exchange

With the new version of the Petzl Zigzag 2014 available, old Zigzags subject to recall are now eligible to be replaced with Zigzag standard exchange procedure. Please contact Petzl America to return your Zigzag or inquire further: or 877-807-3805.

Zigzag kit with rope and carabiners

Zigzag Climbing Kit

If you are interested in Zigzag and need rope and carabiners, check out this Zigzag climbing kit and save on a complete DdRT setup for the new Zigzag.



The Petzl Zillon uses a similar link system to provide precision control over lanyard adjustment. Check out the Zillon

Petzl Zigzag Video

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