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Arborist Climbing Line

When you're up a tree, your life literally depends on your climbing line, that's why we bring you the best tree climbing ropes to choose from. The arborist climbing lines you see below meet the ANSI safety standards for arboriculture and give you a wide selection of safe climbing ropes.

If you need help selecting the right arborist climbing line for you, feel free to contact us online or by telephone.

Never use a rope for climbing that has been used for rigging. (You can see our rigging lines in our rigging rope section.)

Arborist climbing lines, even 600’ reels are eligible for our free shipping offer!

ropes by brand Browse climbing ropes by brand

View our wide selection of arborist climbing lines divided by brand, or browse all of our ropes below. WesSpur carries Samson, Yale, and New England climbing lines.

Shop climbing lines by brand

Samson ArborMaster® Arborist Climbing LIne ArborMaster® Rope

ArborMaster® (including Blue Streak and the new Bigfoot colors) by Samson is our most popular premium climbing line. ArborMaster® is a 16 strand with great performance. Choice of 4 colors.

Shop ArborMaster® Rope

Arbor-Plex Climbing Line Arbor-Plex

The first climbing line designed strictly for arborists. This 12-strand rope is still very popular for it's toughness and economical cost. Available here as a rigging line.

Shop Arbor-Plex Rope

Aeris Climbing Line Aeris

Aeris kernmantle climb line makes a great high-strength, low-weight rope for Double Rope Technique. Aeris is popular in the UK and now available here in the States.

Shop Aeris Rope

Blaze Climbing Line Blaze & Bandit

Super-lightweight double-braid climbing lines from Yale. Blaze & Bandit are each 24-strand, 11mm (7/16”) spliceable double braids that give you your choice of hi-vis or camo colors.

Shop Blaze or Bandit

BlueMoon Climbing Line BlueMoon

BlueMoon is an 11.7 mm (7/16”) double-braid that is light, yet durable, and runs very well in hardware. BlueMoon is made by Yale cordage, and is very popular with many climbers.

Shop BlueMoon Rope

Buzzz Line Climbing Line Buzzz Line

Buzzz line is a 12 strand, very pliable 1/2” climbing line with excellent visibility. Constructed for maximum abrasion resistance and great handling. Extremely supple.

Shop Buzzz Line Rope

Cevian Unicore Climbing Line Cevian Unicore

Cevian Unicore by Edelweiss is a robust, low-stretch kernmantle climb line with minimal sheathe movement making it an excellent SRT line.

Shop Cevian Unicore Rope

The Fly Climbing Line Fly, Dragonfly, & Firefly

The Fly by New England is the first spliceable kernmantle arborist rope. Fly rope is 7/16”, lightweight, and handles well. Works best when running through hardware. Available in three colors.

Shop the Fly Rope

Sterling HTP Static Climbing Line HTP Static

Sterling HTP Static is a popular, light-weight static rope that is popular amongst climbers seeking high-strength, low-stretch, and light-weight ropes. Good for SRT, tower work, etc.

Shop HTP Static Rope

Imori Climbing Line Imori

Yale Imori rope is a lightweight, full-bodied climbing line designed to be extra-easy to grip and ergonomic.

Shop Imori Rope

Samson Static Kernmantle Climbing Line Kernmaster

Yale's Kernmaster is a Kernmantle climb line with good energy absorption which performs more like a 24-strand than other kernmantles, allowing for both access and DdRT climbing.

Shop Kernmaster

Platinum Arborist Climbing Line Platinum

Platinum & Platinum Arbor Access are premium kernmantle lines whose covers are mechanically joined to the cores at intervals for a line with zero cover slippage.

Shop Platinum Rope

Safety Blue Arborist Climbing Line Safety Blue White & Hi-Vis

Safety Blue by New England Ropes is a premium 16 strand climbing line with a unique safety core which warns of excessive rope wear. White or orange available.

Shop Safety Blue Rope

Samson Static Kernmantle Climbing Line Static Kernmantle

Samson's Static Kernmantle is an excellent, low-stretch and high-strength rope which can be used as a small-diameter climbing line where they are allowed. Lightweight!

Shop Samson Static Rope

Tachyon Climbing Line Tachyon

A super-lightweight double-braid climbing line from New-England. Tachyon is a 24 strand 11mm (7/16”) spliceable braid that is very easy to see in the tree and handles great.

Shop Tachyon Rope

True Blue Climbing Line True Blue

True Blue by Samson is a popular 12 strand climbing line that is very supple, has high breaking strength, and easy to knot. Solid blue coloring is easy to spot.

Shop True Blue Rope

Samson Velocity Climbing Line Velocity

Velocity by Samson is a super lightweight 7/16” double-braid climbing line. It works great for foot locking, is abrasion resistant, and best of all weighs far less than most other ropes.

Shop Velocity Rope

Samson Vortex Climbing Line Vortex

Samson's new Vortex climbing line is designed for folks who love climbing on Velocity but want the feel of a 1/2” climbing line. High-strength, double braid.

Shop Vortex Rope

XTC 12-Strand Climbing Line XTC 12-Strand

Yale XTC 12-Strand is a popular 12-strand hollow braid that is economical, light weight, and strong. Resists snagging and works well in wet conditions.

Shop XTC 12-Strand Rope

XTC 16-Strand Climbing Lines XTC 16 Strand

XTC 16 has a unique core construction with twisted core fibers. XTC has a great hand and stays round. A great balance of strength and weight for a top-quality rope that performs well in all conditions.

Shop XTC 16-Strand Rope

Rope Thimbles Thimbles & Splicing Tools

Rope thimbles are available in round and tear-drop shapes, made from plastic or steel, on our splicing tools page.

Rope Thimbles & Splicing Tools
Click here to see all thimbles

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