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Tree Climbing Harnesses and Saddles

Your tree climbing harness is the single biggest factor in your comfort while in the tree. No matter what other tree gear you buy, your climbing harness is going to be your home in the tree, and support it all. At WesSpur we recommend getting the best tree climbing harness your budget will allow. Most newer harnesses feature individual padded leg loops, well-designed and padded back support, and a rope or webbing bridge for a 'floating' connection. Many classic harnesses with other connection points are available, as well as harnesses with stiffened (batten) seats or sit-slings.

Need help choosing a tree climbing harness? Check out this video guide to choosing an arborist harness.

At WesSpur, we want to be your tree gear suppliers for life. We are all about great gear, great prices, and great service.

treeMOTION Tree Saddle treeMOTION Harness

The most customizable tree climbing harness on the market.

Petzl Tree Climbing Harnesses Petzl Harnesses

Lightweight work harnesses, modern, work harnesses.

Buckingham Ergovation Tree Climbing Saddles Buckingham Harnesses

From economy line to Ergovation, if it says Buckingham, you can trust it.

Weaver Arborist Tree Climbing Saddles Weaver Arborist Saddles

Great quality arborist saddles at affordable prices.

Tree Austria III Tree Saddle Tree Austria 3.2 Harness

High-performance harness with option for batten seat.

tree saddle category image New Tribe Tree Saddles

Work, recreational, and kids climbing harnesses with unique design.

Skylotec Harnesses Skylotec Harnesses

Lightweight, professional harness with reinforced leg loops.

replacement harness bridges Replacement Bridges

Make sure you have a spare bridge on hand. Climb safely.

Chest Harnesses Chest Harnesses

SRS chest boxes, shoulder straps, work suspenders, & more.

Kids Tree Climbing Harness Kids’ Saddles & Harnesses

Share your love of climbing with the next generation.

Fall Protection Harness Fall Protection Harnesses

Fall protection is essential for bucket truck work.

Tree Saddle Saw Straps & Accessoies Saw Straps & Accessories

Harness tool pouches, saw & tool straps, & more.

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