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Tree Climbing Harnesses and Saddles

Get the right tree climbing harness (also called a saddle) from our huge selection. Your tree climbing harness is going to be the single biggest factor in your comfort while in the tree, so we recommend getting the best saddle within your budget.

The available styles and constructions of tree climbing harnesses have changed a lot over the years. Most newer harnesses feature individual padded leg loops, well-designed and padded back support, and a rope or webbing bridge for a 'floating' connection. Many classic harnesses with other connection points are available, as well as harnesses with stiffened (batten) seats or sit-slings.

Browse our full selection of tree climbing harnesses below, Contact WesSpur online 24/7, or give us a call for help in selecting your next tree climbing harness.

At WesSpur, we want to be your tree gear suppliers for life. We are all about great gear, great prices, and great service.

Buckingham Ergovation Tree Climbing Saddles
Buckingham Ergovation Saddles

Ultimate ergonomic work saddles! Unmatched comfort & features for the professional climber. Ergovation Economy line: great comfort at a great price.

Shop for Ergovation Saddles

treeMOTION Tree Saddle
treeMOTION Harness

The treeMOTION is the most customizable tree climbing harness on the market. If you want your saddle to fit your needs perfectly, this is the one for you.

Shop for the treeMOTION

Buckingham Viking Tree Climbing Saddle
Buckingham Viking

The Viking blends comfort with function at an affordable price. A super saddle for professionals at a great price. Available only at WesSpur.

Shop for the Viking Tree Saddle

Petzl Tree Climbing Harnesses
Petzl Harnesses

Lightweight, modern, and very popular work harnesses. Models include the Sequoia, Vario Sit, Sequoia SRT, Voltige, and more. A full range of add-ons is available.

Shop for Petzl Tree Harnesses

Buckingham Deluxe Tree Climbing Saddles
Buckingham Deluxe Saddles

Classic style with improved attachment points, padding, and quick-connect buckles. You'll find the Deluxe Master, Pinnacle, Traverse, and Versatile, as well as The Glide II.

Shop for Deluxe Saddles

Weaver Leather Tree Climbing Saddles
Weaver Leather Saddles

Weaver tree climbing saddles feature great craftsmanship, sturdy construction, a wider range of adjustability, and plenty of gear loops. Great quality arborist saddles at affordable prices.

Shop for Weaver Saddles

Buckingham Glide Lite Tree Climbing Saddle
Buckingham Glide Lite Harness

The Glide Lite is one of Buckingham’s most popular saddles. Lightweight, with great lateral movement.

Shop for the Glide Lite

tree saddle category image
New Tribe Tree Saddles

New Tribe makes a great line of recreational and work saddles that are unlike anything else on the market. For work, play, and even tree-climbing kids!

Shop for New Tribe Saddles

Buckingham Classic Series Tree Saddles
Buckingham Classic Saddles

Formerly known as the Master Series, here you will find the classic versions of Master II, Pinnacle, Traverse, and Versatile.

Shop for Classic Series

Tree Austria III Tree Saddle
Tree Austria 3.2 Harness

The Tree Austria 3.2 is the best version yet, with great leg padding and fully adjustable leg and waist. Comfort and performance in one sleek package.

Shop for the Tree Austria 3.2

Buckingham Economy Tree Climbing Saddles
Buckingham Economy Saddles

These saddles are popular for their durability and value. Split-suspension, floating D, and two-D styles available in basic or wide-back versions.

Shop for Economy Saddles

replacement harness bridges
Replacement Bridges

Saddle rope or webbing bridges must be replaced at the first sign of wear or damage. Find a replacement bridge for your harness at the link below.

Shop Replacement Bridges

Tree Saddle Saw Straps & Accessoies
Saw Straps & Accessories

We stock a wide range of saw straps, break-away chainsaw lanyards, climber first aid kits, add-on snaps and loops, harness bags and pouches, and other necessities.

Tree Saddle Accessories

Kids Tree Climbing Harness
Kids’ Saddles & Harnesses

Share your experience in the trees with your kids using these pint-sized tree climbers' harnesses.

Shop for Kid’s Harnesses

Fall Protection Harness
Fall Protection Harnesses

Designed to provide an overhead attachment point to protect a worker in a bucket truck or on a roof in case of a fall. You will also find decelerator lanyards here, designed to absorb the shock of a fall.

Shop for Fall Protection

Buckingham Leather Waist Belt
Leather Waist and Hip Belts

The Buckingham waist belt is designed for pole climbing or industrial work positioning.

Shop for Leather Waist Belts

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