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Teufelberger Tree Gear

Teufelberger ropes, harnesses, tools and climbing systems are amongst the very best. If you go to any tree climbing competition, count the number of treeMOTION harnesses you see in the comp! Teufelberger ropes, systems, and harnesses are premium tree care tools.

treeMOTION Harness

The treeMOTION and treeMOTION S.light are two of the most popular climbing harnesses in the arborist world. These customizable, one-size harnesses are versatile, lightweight, and comfortable. Great for high-speed climbers.

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Teufelberger Tools
Teufelberger Rope Tools

Climbing systems, prusiks, pulleySAVERs, CElanyards, and other tools for increasing your efficiency in the tree.

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Teufelberger Climbing Line
Teufelberger Climbing Line

Teufelberger makes fantastic ropes for tree climbing like Platinum, as well as Safety Blue, KMIII Max, Fly, and other ropes you may know as New England Ropes products.

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Teufelberger Rigging Line
Teufelberger Rigging Line

Teufelberger Sirius rigging line and Nerex II ropes are both made for tree work. Sirius is a double-braid rigging line with overload indicators, and Nerex II is a strong, 12-strand made for building heavy-duty slings.

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