BRANDRock Exotica

Since its inception in 2005, the Unicender has been a flexible tool for tree climbing. With the ability to be used in both Doubled Rope Technique (DdRT) and Single Rope Technique (SRT), the Unicender fits the way you like to climb.

The Unicender utilizes unique friction plates that allow it to advance easily with minimal friction, and virtually no 'sit Back," giving you the most efficiency per stride. Descending is just as easy: by looping the rope around the plates in SRT as shown below. Additionally, the Unicender attaches conveniently mid-line. For rope sizes 11 to 13mm, or 7/16" to 1/2" .

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9/20/2023 12:43 pm

Very slick piece of kit

by Joe S -

Incredibly versatile and easy-to-use ascender. Mid-line connection and simplicity of operation make it my go-to piece of kit for most SRT applications. One motion to descend makes re-positioning a cinch. Have not used in DRT mode, but seems like it would work fine. Drawbacks: need to be very careful when working, and always use a secondary lanyard when stationary; the release has hair-trigger sensitivity and can easily be bumped. Durability may be an issue, I've noticed a lot of wear on the upper link, after just a few months' use. At this price point, I would not want to have to replace it frequently.