Tree Climbing Gear

Our way of selling tree climbing gear is simple: Great Gear, Great Prices, Great Service! Our range of tree climbing equipment spans 1000s of products from brands we trust. Got questions? Contact our friendly staff for the best service in the business. With instant price matching, there's no better arborist shop out there. Browse our full range of climbing gear in the categories below, or jump down to some of our most popular items. Contact us if we can help you select the right gear for your next job.

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Buckingham Steel Climber Set
$290.00 to $649.00
Beginner's MRS Rope Climbing Kit

Built to Order

Israeli Bandage Kit
Maxi-Flip Flipline Kit

Awaiting Restock

$237.95 to $278.95
Throw Line Kit

Awaiting Restock

$75.00 to $110.00
Large Canvas Bag
Hi-Vis Kit Bag 70l
WesSpur Arborist Rope Bag - XL
WesSpur Line Mug
WesSpur Arborist Rope Bag - MD
16 oz Weaver Throw Weight
Big Shot Line Launcher
Herbol Friction Saver
$49.95 to $54.95
Adjustable Friction Saver

Built to Order

$81.00 to $85.00

What Tree Climbing Gear do I need to start?

At Wesspur we've helped many climbers start their careers, so we've answered this question a lot. Our staff arborist and technical expert, Dave Stice (a.k.a Niceguydave) covers the categories of tree climbing equipment, and what makes a good starting place. The idea is not to promote one brand or type of gear, but to familiarize you with the tools needed to perform tree work.

"What gear do I need to climb trees professionally?" We get this question all the time at WesSpur. In this video, WesSpur's staff arborist Niceguydave unpacks a bag containing a complete set of climbing gear for tree work. He drops tips from years of field experience to help you build your tool bag.

Critical Tree Gear

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment): Helmet, Eye Protection, Hearing Protection
  • Throw Line Kit for Installing the Climbing Rope
  • Set of Rings (Friction Saver)
  • Spurs (Climbers, Spikes, Gaffs, etc)
  • Work Positioning Lanyard (Flipline)
  • Climbing Rope (Climbing Line)
  • Ascent System
  • Climbing Harness and Accessories
  • Gear for a Ropewalker Stationary Rope System (SRS)

One thing you can't fit in a gear bag, but is a definite must-have: training! Tree work is inherently dangerous. With proper training and attentive practice, it can be a rewarding job unlike any other. WesSpur offers training through Ascension Group NorthWest, and there are many training outfits around the country. Many people learn on the job. There are also books and video resources available, though in-person training from a professional source is our recommendation. Your local chapter of the Intrnational Society of Arboriculture (ISA) or the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) can help you find training in your area.

You can be either trained or untrained. Which would you prefer to be?

Looking for more tree climbing gear?

Whether you are getting geared up at the beginning of your tree climbing career, or a seasoned expert looking for the newest kit, we've got you covered. We are here to help navigate our huge warehouse, and can even special order tree gear for you. Please contact our customer service team if we may help find something for you.

Climbing Kits : Ready-to-work tree climbing gear starter kits.

Tree Climbing Spikes : Spur climbers / spikes, gaffs, straps & pads.

Books & Videos : Learning resources for tree workers

Carabiners & Clips : Double-locking carabiners, rope clips, accessory 'biners & more.

Climbing Rope : Kernmantle, 24-strand, and 16-strand tree climbing ropes, rope splicing service, & more.

Clothing : Tree climbing pants, boots, gloves, & hi-viz workwear.

Fliplines & Lanyards : Wire-core fliplines, rope lanyards, and tree climber flipline adjusters.

Friction Hitches : Prusiks, split tails, and mechanical friction devices.

Friction Savers : Save your rope (and the tree!)

Harnesses : The single biggest factor in comfort in the tree.

PPE & Safety : Helmets, chainsaw protection, arborist first-aid & more.

Rope & Gear Bags : Storage and transport for your gear.

Saddle Accessories : Saw straps, harness pouches, & tool carriers.

Throw Line & More : Big Shot line launcher, throw lines, throw weights, kits, & folding throw line cubes.

Webbing Slings : Webbing slings, daisy chains, bulk webbing, and more.

Aerial Rescue Gear : Every crew needs a plan and rescue kit in place for emergencies.

Recreational Tree Climbing Gear : Fun in the trees for all ages.

SRS Tree Climbing : Ropes, harnesses, & accesories for stationary rope systems.

Saddle Hunting : Camo tree climbing rope and more for saddle hunters.

Tree Gear by Brand : WesSpur brings you the best gear from top brands, like Petzl, Protos, Samson Rope, Yale Cordage, Rock Exotica, and more. We stock a huge selection of tree gear, and can special order from our vendors.