Buckingham Tree Gear

Take a look in the gear bag of any production tree climber, and chances are you will find a pair of Buckingham spurs. Buckingham has made steel climbers for over 100 years, and brings that manufacturing experience and skill to building a wide range of tree care supplies. From the famous Port-A-Wrap to the world's first truly ergonomic harness line: the Ergovation, Buckingham makes great tree gear.


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Rigging Buck Blocks

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The BuckTop
Agility Harness
$736.75 to $860.00
Buck Hybrid Gaff
Ergo Pro

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Big Buck Velcro Pads

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Big Buck Spur Pads

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Buckingham Steel Climber Set
$279.00 to $655.00
Buckpack Pro w/ Gear Garage
Camo Rope Bag