Edelrid Tree Gear

With over 150 years experience of manufacturing rope, including development of the first Kernmantle, Edelrid is a name that stands for innovation in work at height. Edelrid's Arborist gear brings a fresh approach to solving the unique equipment needs of tree workers. We are very excited to offer this line of arborist gear from Edelrid at WesSpur.

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Edelrid Skinny Gloves
$34.95 to $39.95
Flask 2l
Rope Pouch
Cask 55 L
Cask 28 L
Easy Glider Belt by Edelrid

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SM Clip 3r
TreeRex SRT Bridge
TreeRex Bungee Chest Harness
Talon Tree Cruiser - Left
Talon Tree Cruiser - Right
Talon Calf Padding
Talon Upper Straps
Talon Lower Straps
Talon Gaffs - Long
Talon Gaffs - Short
Talon Tree Climbers
HMS Bulletproof Triple
HMS Bulletproof Triple FG
Steel Strong Triple
Steel HMS Triple