Arborist Hand Saws

Having a hand saw with you in the tree is required in the ANSI Z133 standard for Safety Requirements for Arboricultural Operations. The same goes for working in an aerial lift. Having a hand saw on you even when you have a chainsaw gives you the option of choosing the best tool for the job. Today’s excellent arborist hand saws make quick work of small to medium branches, and can be faster and safer than starting up the saw for smaller work.

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Samurai 330mm (13") Ichiban Hand Saw

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Fanno 13" Tri Edge Hand Saw
Samurai 400mm (15.75") Heavy Duty Hand Saw

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Sugoi 360mm Professional Hand Saw

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Ibuki 390mm Professional Hand Saw

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Tsurugi Curve 330mm Large Teeth Hand Saw

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Ultra Accel 240mm Hand Saw
F180 Folding Hand Saw
Katanaboy 500mm Hand Saw

Selecting a Pruning Saw

Arborist hand saws are designed to cut quickly in live or dead wood on the pull-stroke, and the most common pruning saws are curved for increased cutting power. Tree trimmers are using larger hand saws for pruning even medium-sized limbs. The newest hand saw for trees are fast and aggressive, and can more convenient than starting the chainsaw.

Our most popular pruning saw size is 13” / 330mm - large enough for most daily tree pruning tasks, without being unwieldy in confined spaces. Popular pruning saws have an aggressive, large tooth pattern that cuts quickly on the pull cut. A fine-toothed hand saw is useful when a smooth finish is needed.

A folding hand saw lets you take cutting power anywhere. From the minuscule Pocketboy which can easily fit in your pocket, to the chainsaw-replacing Katanaboy, there is a folding hand saw with the right teeth and size for the job.

Caution: Today’s arborist saws can part a rope or lanyard in the blink of an eye. Two points of connection are required when cutting with a hand saw in the tree, just as with a chainsaw. See the ANSI Z133 stanards for tree care operations.