ISC Tree Care Products

ISC Wales is one of the top arborist tools manufacturers in the world. ISC makes every tool with the best manufacturing processes and designs. Arborists, rope rescue techs, and industrial rope users all rely on ISC products for high performance in tough working conditions.

45 Products

Apex Rope Wrench
Squirrel FLEX Tether
Rope Wrench Screw
Rope Wrench
Rope Wrench Optimized for 13mm
Roperunner Bearing Pulley
Stryder Ascender - Left
Stryder Ascender - Right

Special Order Item

D4 Pro
D5 (Special Order)

Special Order Item

Rope Wrench Slic Pin
Squirrel Tether Kit
Mighty Mouse Supersafe
Mighty Mouse Quadlock
Supersafe D (green)
Supersafe D (red)
HMS Supersafe
Small Iron Wizard Supersafe
Small Iron Wizard Screw-Lock