WesSpur Tree Climbing Kits

Get started climbing trees with a full set of tree climbing gear. We have kits for beginner and professional climbers, for every type of tree climbing. The tree gear in our kits has been carefully selected to work well together. Start climbing with confidence knowing you have what you need, and expand as you learn. Contact us to customize any tree climbing kit.

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Professional's Complete Climbing Kit
$1,337.00 to $1,393.00
Premium Complete Climber Kit

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Premium Ropewalker Kit

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Premium Spur Climber Kit

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Professional's Spur Climbing Kit
$1,012.00 to $1,067.00
TCI Basic Rec Climbing Kit

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ACRT Arborist Training Kit

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Zigzag Plus Climbing Kit
Rope Wrench Kit - SRS Upgrade
Rads (Rapid Ascent And Descent)

Our tree climbing kits give you a complete selection of tested, high-quality tree gear with a built-in discount. These are the perfect way to start a career in tree work or outfit a new climber for your company. We have three types of climbing kits:

  • Rope Climbing Kits: Contain all the gear needed to enter the tree using rope and throw line in a Moving Rope System (MRS). The Premium Ropewalker kit also has a super-efficient SRS Ropewalker setup.
  • Complete Climbing Kits: Add a set of spur climbers to the rope climbing kits and change the rope lanyard for a wire-core flipline. This gives you tools to climb on spurs or ropes, as the job requires. These are the best-value and our recommended starter kit for professionals.
  • Spur Climbing Kits: Include just the spurs, harness, and wire-core flipline. This is the essential set of gear for climbing on spurs. Note that safety standards require a second point of connection when cutting, and that is not provided in this kit. For those who already have or will buy their own rope climbing system.

Kits do not include instructions! It is the responsibility of the user to gain adequate instruction in the use of all climbing equipment. Professional training is recommended.

Kit Savings & Customizations: We work with manufacturers to get great prices on top-quality gear, and pass the savings on to you. If you want to customize your kit, you can substitute like items and keep the savings. Contact WesSpur customer service and we will be happy to help you build your perfect starter package.

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