A high-quality pulley is the heart of a good moving rope system. Using a pulley to tend your hitch frees you up for one-handed slack-tending. A pulley with multiple anchor holes streamlines your climbing system, and opens hauling and mechanical advantage uses. Some climbers install a high-efficiency ball-bearing pulley on the rope bridge of their harness. Using a pulley on the harness bridge reduces wear on the bridge, and lets the tie-in point traverse easily. Using pulleys throughout your system can reduce friction and improve efficiency.

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Hitch Climber Pulley
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Double Tie-in Micro Pulley
Hitch Climber Set: 12mm Ropes
Hitch Climber Set: 11mm Ropes
Phlotich Set: 11mm -12mm Ropes
Micro Snatch Pulley
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ISC Fixed Micro Pulley
Pinto Pulley by DMM
Pinto Rig Pulley by DMM
Fixe Micro Pulley
Double Sheave Redirect Pulley
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