Rope Climbing Kits

Wesspur Rope Climbing Kits give you a complete Moving Rope System (MRS) tree climbing setup in one package. The Premium kit also includes a SRS Ropewalker setup. You'll also find some kits we've made for partner organizations, or built around specific tree climbing gear.

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Beginner's MRS Rope Climbing Kit

Built to Order

$572.00 to $610.00
Professional's MRS Rope Climbing Kit

Built to Order

$879.00 to $945.00
Premium Ropewalker Kit
TCI Basic Rec Climbing Kit

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Zigzag Plus Climbing Kit
Rope Wrench Kit - SRS Upgrade
RADS Kit (Rapid Ascent And Descent)

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WesSpur Rope Climbing Kits

We've built three rope climbing starter kits to meet the needs of tree climbers; the Beginner's, Professional's, and Premium Rope Walker kits. We also have made kits for partners like TCI and ACRT for their student climbers. Finally, you'll find a few other kits built around specific tree climbing gear or techniques like the the Zigzag Climbing Kit or RADS kit.

The Beginner's Rope Climbing Kit gives you rope and friction hitch setup, plus throwline, positioning lanyard and basic climbing harness. Enough gear to get you start climbing in a Moving Rope System.

The Professional's Rope Climbing Kit is our recommended set for tree workers. This kit has two choices of excellent professional climbing harnesses, and upgraded rope with spliced eye, and improved throw line set with friction saver. This kit provides both better MRS climbing gear, and a more complete setup.

The Premium Ropewalker Kit has a state of the art climbing harness. In addition to all the gear you need for MRS climbing, you also get the gear you need for SRS climbing in a Ropewalker system; foot ascender, SAKA knee ascender, chest harness, and rope wrench. This is a great tree climbing kit if you want to do it all.

We design our kits to give you the best deal we can offer to start your tree climbing career. You can contact us to customize your kit if you want to swap out the rope, harness, or any other piece of climbing gear. We will make you a custom tree climbing kit and you keep the savings.

Partner Tree Climbing Kits

These kits were developed with partners who teach tree climbing classes to outfit their students and graduates.

The TCI Entry Level Tree Workers Kit is built for graduates of the Tree Climbers International Entry Level Tree Worker program. This kit is packed with tree gear familiar to TCI students.

The TCI Basic Rec Climbing Kit is built for folks who have learned recreational tree climbing through Tree Climbers International. An excellent selection of durable and affordable tree climbing gear.

The ACRT Arborist Training Kit was built to the requirements of ACRT Arborist Training.