Arborist Saws & Tools

We stock the fastest-cutting, longest-lasting tree trimming saws and pruners. These professional tools will help you get a quality job done efficiently.

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Browse our full selection of tree trimming equipment in the categories above, or jump straight to some of our most popular tree trimmer tools below. On a pruning job time is money. WesSpur stocks the fastest-cutting, longest-lasting tree trimming tool built for professional use.

Hand Saws : You have many choices for a pruning saw. A professional arborist hand saw makes pruning fast & efficient. Find a hand saw for trees with fine teeth for pruning cuts, large teeth for aggressive cutting, or a mix.

Silky Hand Saws : Silky makes the world's most popular pruning saw, the Silky Zubat. This Japanese hand saw cuts like a dream and is available in several versions. Many other popular Silky Hands specialize in tasks from fine pruning to large limb removal.

Pole Saws : A professional pole saw delivers reach, stability, and cuts clean & fast. Select one of our pre-built pole saw sets, or choose the pole saw blade, saw head, and fiberglass poles to build your own best pole saw.

Notch Pole Saws : Notch tree trimming pole saws feature Silky blades and lightweight, extendable aluminum poles. These are the successor to the popular Silky pole saws.

Pole Pruners : Professional quality pole pruners cut quickly, and then robust return springs ready the next cut. Build the best pole pruner set for your pruning needs, or buy a ready-made tree trimmer kit.

Saw Scabbards : When you buy a new arborist hand saw, it usually comes with a hard plastic scabbard. WesSpur stocks replacement scabbards, as well as rubberized & leather saw scabbards to fit any pruning saw.

Chainsaw Chain : We stock chainsaw chain, bars, screnches, and other chainssaw maintenance tools.

Chainsaw Scabbards : These chainsaw scabbards fit on your bucket or aerial lift to provide safe storage for your chainsaw when working aloft.

Pruners & Loppers : Hand pruners, loppers, and machetes can all be handy around the job site.

Axes & Wedges : We stock axes from Gransfors Bruks which are like a work of art, as well as wedge-pounding axes and tree faller wedges.

Hydraulic Tools : ADI tools from TOL inc are reliable, durable hydraulic tree trimming tools.