Mechanical Friction Devices for Tree Climbing

Mechanical friction devices used to augment or replace friction hitches provide many options for the climber. These devices allow climbers to transition smoothly between ascent, descent, and work positioning. These devices work best when tended with a lightweight, compact chest harness.

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Akimbo by Rock Exotica
Apex Rope Wrench
Chicane by Petzl
Hitch Hiker 2
Hitch Hiker Set + Yale Rope

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$415.00 to $495.00
Lockjack Sport w/ Swivel

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Rope Runner Pro
Rope Wench Set + Yale Rope

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$345.00 to $445.00
Rope Wrench
Rope Wrench Flow

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Rope Wrench Optimized for 13mm
Rope Wrench w/ 12" Tether
Spiderjack 3

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Zigzag by Petzl
Zigzag Plus by Petzl
Zigzag Plus Climbing Kit