Spur Climbing Kits

Spur climbing kits give you tree climbing spikes, harness, and flipline system - the gear needed to spur climb a tree. Note that spur climbing damages a tree, and should be used for removals. A rope system is needed when cutting in the tree, both for a second point of connection and quick way to the ground. See our climbing ropes section or consider a complete tree climbing kit.

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Professional's Spur Climbing Kit
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Premium Spur Climbing Kit

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WesSpur Spur Climbing Kits

WesSpur Spur Climbing Kits deliver essential gear for using tree climbing spikes to climb a tree: tree climbing harness, flipline setup, and tree climbing spikes, plus guide book and gear bag. Note that climbing trees with spurs damages the tree, and is generally reserved for removals.

A second point of connection is required when cutting in the tree - generally a rope climbing system. These spur climbing kits DO NOT contain a rope climbing system. You can add your own, or check out our Complete Tree Climbing Kits.

The Beginner's Spur Climbing Kit is no-frills gear that will get you started climbing.

The Professional's Spur Climbing Kit is a big step up in comfort and features with choice of 2 excellent tree climbing harnesses and improved spur climber pads.

The Premium Spur Climbing Kit contains top of the line tree climbing gear, including carbon-fiber spurs and lightweight flipline.

We design our kits to give you the best deal we can offer to start your tree climbing career. You can contact us to customize your kit if you want to swap out the rope, harness, or any other piece of climbing gear. We will make you a custom tree climbing kit and you keep the savings.