Tree Climbing Fliplines and Lanyards

Work-positioning lanyards are a critical part of your tree-climbing gear. A flipline is a special type of lanyard made from braided arborist rope over steel wire cable. This makes it more rigid and easier to flip up the tree - especially on larger stems. Lanyards without a wire-core are lighter and ideal for line clearance workers to avoid the conductivity of steel wire. Extra-long lanyards can also be used as a short MRS climbing system in the canopy. Contact us if you need help selecting.

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5/8" Maxi-Flip Flipline
$134.00 to $149.00
Climb Right Flipline - 5/8"
$78.00 to $99.00
Maxi-Flip Sport Flipline Kit

Out of stock

$239.00 to $245.00
Maxi-Flip Flipline Kit

Out of stock

$237.95 to $278.95
Climb Right Flipline Kit

Out of stock

$146.95 to $228.95
Microflip by Petzl
$169.95 to $189.95
Rope Lanyard Kit

Out of Stock

$136.95 to $195.95
hipSTAR Flex Light 11.5mm
$306.00 to $370.00
hipSTAR Flex Light 12.7mm
$324.00 to $353.00
Chinook Long Lanyard System

Out of stock

$182.00 to $191.00

Popular Fliplines

These are just a few of our most popular fliplines and lanyards. See our full selection in the categories at the top of this page.