Lowering Devices & Friction Management

Using a friction management device to lower limbs or trunk wood extends the life of your rigging ropes, protects the tree, and allows for safer, more efficient removal of wood.

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Good Rigging Control System (GRCS)

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Micro-Cylindre 2.1

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Mini-Cylindre HR 2.1
Port-A-Wrap III, Black
Port-A-Wrap III, Nickel- Plated
Port-A-Wrap Large, Black
Port-A-Wrap Large, Nickel-Plated

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Port-A-Wrap Mini, Black
Port-A-Wrap Mini, Nickel
Port-A-Wrap XL, Nickel-Plated
RC-1000 Lowering Device
RC-2000 Lowering Device
RCW-3001 Lowering Device
RCW-3001 Winch
Rigging Rope Wrench
Rigging Rope Wrench - Locking