Complete Tree Climbing Kits

Complete tree climbing kits contain rope climbing system, spur climbing system, climbing harness, and more.

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WesSpur Complete Climbing Kits

Get started climbing trees with a WesSpur complete tree climbing kit. Our kits give you a MRS rope climbing set up, tree climbing spurs with flipline, and arborist climbing harness. You also get a great guide book and bags for your gear and ropes.

The Beginner's Complete Tree Climbing Kit is no-frills gear that will get you started climbing.

The Professional's Complete Tree Climbing Kit is our recommended set for tree workers. You will appreciate the step up in function and comfort while you climb. This is an investment in tree climbing gear you will rely on for years to come.

The Premium Complete Tree Climbing Kit is a great deal on top tier tree climbing equipment. This kit includes a SRS Ropewalker setup in addition to the MRS and spur climbing set ups in the other kits.

We design our kits to give you the best deal we can offer to start your tree climbing career. You can contact us to customize your kit if you want to swap out the rope, harness, or any other piece of climbing gear. We will make you a custom tree climbing kit and you keep the savings.