Arborist Rope

Shop WesSpur for your next arborist rope. We have a huge selection of tree climbing and tree rigging ropes, plus cord, webbing, and rope care products. Professional rope splicers at Iron Street Rope Splicing can provide hand-spliced or bartacked eyes in your tree ropes. Please contact us if we can help you find your next arborist rope.

Looking for Arborist Rope?

Tree Climbing Rope

Over 50 arborist climbing ropes to browse. Shop by construction or filter by your favorite rope brand.

Tree Rigging Rope

Tree rigging rope from small diameter tag lines to large diameter rigging ropes for rigging heavy wood.

Bulk Cord & Webbing

Shop bulk prusik cord, accessory cord, and nylon webbing by the foot.

Clearance Rope

Odd lengths of brand new arborist rope at clearance prices.

Rope Splicing

All the tools for splicing arborist rope and our professional rope splicing service.

Rope Bags

Arborist rope bags store and protect your rope, and make transporting it easier.

Arborist Rope Care

Rope soap, liquid rope whipping, inspection guides and other tools for caring for arborist ropes.

Winch Ropes

Rope winch lines for your chipper or portable winch. Strong, durable, and available in many sizes.

Never mix climbing & rigging ropes.

Many people use 16-strand or 12-strand climbing ropes for light rigging. Rigging places extreme forces on ropes. They may be compromised and unsafe to climb on. Once a rope has been used for rigging, it should NEVER be used to support a climber.