Milwaukee Cordless Chainsaws & Tools

We've found a battery powered top-handle chainsaw and other tools for tree work in the Milwaukee cordless range.

The cutting power, performance, and work life of these battery-powered tools is truly impressive, and up to the job for production tree work. For years the challenge of battery-powered saws was the battery, not the saw. Milwaukee has solved that with their M18 Fuel line. These batteries deliver powerful performance, cut after cut - and also smart performance! M18 Fuel batteries power tools from saws to drills to blowers, and Milwaukee’s technology adapts performance based on the tool being used. We are excited to offer these top-notch tools.

The 2-battery kit for the top handle saw is the most popular place to start. This gets you a great top-handle saw, and the batteries and charger for the M18 fuel system. From there you can power blowers, cordless saws, the Superhawg, and much more! Milwaukee offers direct support for their tools and batteries. Your tools will come with 24/7 manufacturer support.

Lithium batteries cannot be shipped via air - ground shipping only.

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M18 Fuel Blower
M12 Cordless Grease Gun Kit
Superhawg Right Angle Drill
M18 High Output HD12.0 Battery
M18 High Output XC8.0 Battery
M18 6-Bay Packout Charger