Ascenders make rope climbing easier, and are a key part of a rope walker climbing system. We have a full selection of handled, foot, and floating knee ascenders below.

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All About Ascenders

From their origins as caving equipment, ascenders have come a long way and are key tools for tree climbing. Ascenders have been developed to fill many specialized roles in rope ascent. The following pages will help you find the ascenders and accessories you need to make your ascent faster, easier, and more efficient!

Building a Rope Walker System

The sky is the limit when it comes to your rope walker system. These are some of the most popular components of a modern rope walker system, but you can build your system with any of the elements found at WesSpur.

Handled Ascender (Optional)

Handled ascenders improve ease of climbing with a better grip on the rope and comfortable handle. This reduces the strength needed to grip the rope, and lets you have more endurance left to climb. Ascenders move freely up the rope. The cam is engaged when weighted, making these devices useful on ascent only.

The most popular hand ascenders are compact and single-handled. These are easily stowed once you’ve reached your desired height and are ready to work the tree or descend.

Ascent System

Hybrid ascent devices - such as the Unicender, Rope Wrench, Akimbo, and Hitch Hiker - allow a climber to seamlessly switch from ascent to descent. This type of climbing hardware is unique to arboriculture. Some hybrid devices, such as the Unicender and Hitch Hiker can work in both stationary or moving rope systems.

Knee Ascender

Knee ascenders place an ascender at knee height. A foot loop is attached to the bottom and a bungee tether tends the ascender. Pairing a knee ascender with a foot ascender on your opposite side makes for a very efficient and quick ascension system. The combination of a knee ascender and foot ascender is the preferred method in rope-walking.

Foot Ascender

Foot ascenders put a cam on your instep. Slide the ascender up the rope on the stride, then stand on that foot to straighten the body and advance. Using the legs to advance your weight is much easier and more efficient.

Like other cammed ascenders, a foot ascender is only helpful on ascent, and must be disengaged to work the tree or descend. You can remove and stow the ascender or leave it on for future use.