Zubat Arborist Edition 330mm Hand Saw

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Zubat Arborist 330: 13" (330mm) blade, 5.5 teeth per inch. Arborist edition of the world's most popular pruning saw cuts even faster.

The Zubat has been our most popular arborist hand saw for years. The new Arborist Edition is here, and it's hot! The Arborist Edition has everything you've come to love from the Zubat - sharp, fast-cutting blade, ergonomic handle, and practical scabbard - but with a design that emphasizes aggressive cutting.

The Zubat Arborist Edition cuts on average 15-20% faster than a standard 13" Silky Zubat. This improved cutting efficiency is the result of increasing the tooth size from 5.5 Teeth per 30mm to 4.7 TPI. What this means to the user is fewer strokes resulting in less fatigue - those massive pruning jobs will go that much quicker.

The scabbard on the Arborist Edition now has an additional long roller at the point where the tip of the saw would often strike the inside of the scabbard upon entry. Over time, this would sometimes wear into the scabbard, creating a hole in the scabbard. The extra roller on the arborist edition guides the tip safely into the scabbard. Like all modern Zubats, the rollers top and bottom of the scabbard secure the saw firmly, yet make it easy to draw.

The new Arborist Edition Zubat will outperform your expectations. This is a truly exceptional saw, for professional arborists.

Features & Benefits

  • More efficient cutting
  • 15-20% fewer strokes than original Zubat
  • Rust-resistant blade
  • Curved blade makes cutting easier & faster
  • 4 cutting angles for smooth cutting action
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Improved sheath with extra roller
  • Sheath included

Technical Info

  • Manufacturer : Silky
  • Made in : Japan
  • Blade Length : 13" (330mm)
  • Weight : 1.1 lb.
  • Teeth Per 30mm : 5.5
  • Blade Material : High Carbon Steel

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8/18/2023 10:33 am

Favorite handsaw

by Vance -

Crazy sharp and holds an edge well

10/12/2023 3:34 pm

Gold standard

by Jason Cecil

This is the one you want… but also, be warned it will bite you and it won’t even say sorry

11/9/2023 1:14 pm

great saw

by Samantha

green wood, dead wood, your finger. It cuts through it all. Really sharp and stays sharp for a long time. If you ever do wear out a blade replacements are available. The scabbard is great, the rollers are awesome.

2/10/2024 4:55 pm

More angry teeth than an alligator.

by Ian

I have one that I bought myself and one that was given to me from someone who had used it before me. Both of them are magnanimous, as far as holding an edge. Easy to use in the tree, as well as on the ground. I really hate to say "Caution: Sharp", but that's really the best description of this .