$475.00 to $620.00



A generation of saddle development all packed into one. Designed and engineered in conjunction with the team at ArborMaster Outfitters combining 100+ years of saddle R&D and a goal to introduce the most versatile and comfortable saddle to ever hit the market.

  • Specially designed air-flow leg pads to properly support you while suspended positioning.
  • Specially designed DRT and SRT soft loop connection points for optimized climbing system positioning or work positioning
  • 14 total points of attachment to maximize options and optimize your movement while working.

Features & Benefits

  • Industry leading support and comfort
  • Specially designed air-flow leg pads to properly support you while suspended or positioning
  • Dual rope bridge or option for a segmented pocket dual rope bridge
  • Rated attachment points that allow the use of a Retro-Y harness for use while working in a bucket
  • Specially designed for DRT and SRT
  • The injection molded rigid back pad distributes the weight of the user more evenly to increase comfort


  • Manufacturer: Buckingham
  • Weight: 6.15 lb
  • Made in the USA


  • ASTM F887

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1/20/2024 2:20 pm

Life changing, back saving

by Jeremy

I have always climbed in a traditional 4D saddle. After a back injury a few years ago I found the older saddle to be very uncomfortable after even just an hour or two. It was time for a modern upgrade. At just shy of $500, it isn’t cheap, but you will get what you pay for. Lots of room for size adjustment, lots of back support and leg support is something I’ve never had out of a saddle. My old 4D had leg straps similar to a set of spikes. Between the leg pads and back support, I could probably take a nap in this thing. Not only does it have a double rope bridge that will be easy to replace, but there are several extra rated attachment points. The rope bridge gives me flexibility like I’ve never experienced, so I’m partial to using it at the moment. I’ve played around with some of the other attachments for lanyards and they are nice options to have. It’ll be awhile before I need to, but I wouldn’t hesitate to order this saddle again.